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In case you cannot make it: the 2011 Detroit Auto Show brand reviews

There are just 7 days left in the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and it has been a great year – not because of any real show-stopping debuts but rather because of the overall quality of the show and the current positive direction of the industry.


If you live near enough to make a trip to Detroit’s Cobo Hall in the next week to see for yourself, it is worth the trip and for everyone else, will continue to bring you comprehensive coverage from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. Last week, we brought you all of the news and debuts from around the show but as our coverage moves forward, we will bring you a brand-by-brand look at the vehicles that illustrate the exciting direction of the American auto industry. will walk you through Cobo Hall, from Acura to Volkswagen and everything in the middle to the biggest (Ford) and smallest (Ferrari) displays at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, we will offer you a complete look at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. Since the home team (or in this case, teams) deserve top billing, we will start by showing you what the Big 3 brought to their big display areas as things clearly continue to improve for the American automakers.

Finally, as the 2011 Detroit Auto Show wraps up next weekend, our staff will bring you the best and worst of the show. Stay tuned to TorqueNews for all of your breaking automotive news along with continuing coverage of the 2011 Detroit Auto Show!

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