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Calling all Chrysler fans - introducing the Mopar MoVenture

Chrysler’s Mopar division has announced the MoVenture - a cross-country road rally and scavenger hunt pitting 10 teams of hardcore Mopar enthusiasts head to head as the groups race from Detroit to Golden Colorado in 2011 and 2012 Chrysler vehicles.

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The Mopar MoVenture will feature ten teams of two people, competing in a road rally that begins in Detroit on July 15,2011 and ending at the Mile High Nationals in Golden Colorado on July 22, 2011. These ten teams will make their way across the greatest country in the world in a selection of new Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep and Fiat models provided by the Chrysler Group – participating in a variety of challenges along the way with all of their expenses being covered by the “folks under the Pentastar”.

Mopar is currently accepting entries and taking your shot at being a part of this awesome competition is simple. All that you need to do is pair up with another Mopar enthusiast and put together a 2 minute video explaining why they should be picked to one of the ten teams competing in the MoVenture. Items that should be emphasized in your entry are things like your passion for Chrysler Group brands and your ability to use social networking, as Mopar plans to have the competitors updating the world as to their progress via Twitter, Facebook and the like as they make the week-long trip to the Mile High Nationals.

Mopar hasn’t provided an idea as to exactly what vehicles the ten teams of two will get to use, nor have they outlined the tasks ahead of the teams but their MoVenture website mentions “off-roading in the wilderness, to partying like rockstars… and maybe cow roping”.

The contest official begins tomorrow (May 27th) at noon and the voting on the Mopar MoVenture videos begins on June 6th with the ten winning teams being notified on June 27th. The first round of voting will have the general public picking their favorite videos, with the top five from each of the five Chrysler Group brands moving onto the second round of voting. This second (and final) round consists of a panel of carefully picked judges who will determine the top 10 teams based on creativity, uniqueness of story and Mopar enthusiasm.

Once the panel from Mopar has selected the ten teams of two from the YouTube video submissions, the competitors will receive airfare to Detroit and presumably home from Colorado along with the use of a new Chrysler Group vehicle and all hotels, rooms and other expenses along the way will be covered! On top of getting an amazing cross-country car trip in a new Chrysler product, the winning team will get $5,000 in Mopar parts and accessories.

So, find a friend who loves Mopar as much as you do and get to making your registration video. The contest officially begins tomorrow and you only have until June 6th to submit your videos before the voting rounds begin.

For more information on registering for your chance to be among the ten lucky teams of two, click here for the MoVenture website!

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