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The 2015 Ford Mustang to Debut on Good Morning America

If you are not one of the lucky individuals who will be present for the introduction of the 2015 Ford Mustang at one of the six locations this coming Thursday fear not – as the newest generation Mustang will also make its grand debut on the set of Good Morning America.

It seemed more than a little strange when the refreshed 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS debuted on the daytime talk show Live with Kelly and Michael back in March but not to be outdone by its rival – the 2015 Ford Mustang will also feature a big television spot on the day of the debut. Details are limited as to exactly when the new Mustang will debut on Good Morning America but the show’s producers have indicated that the 2015 Mustang will be revealed on the set sometime between 7am and 9am Eastern Standard Time. As one of the lucky folks who will be at a live debut of the 2015 Mustang, I would guess that Good Morning America will likely show off the new pony car between 8 and 9am – unless the new Mustang debuts on TV ahead of the in-person debuts…which I doubt will happen.

UPDATE: The 2015 Ford Mustang has officially debuted around the world and you can read more about the big debut - with live images from the Dearborn debut - by clicking here!

Now, I would guess that a great many of our readers who are passionate about the Ford Mustang probably don’t spend much time watching morning talk shows like Good Morning America in much the same way that many Chevrolet Camaro fans probably don’t watch much Live with Kelly and Michael. However, working out a deal with these programs that are watched predominantly by stay-at-home mothers and hoards of unemployed folks who cant afford a muscle car anyway has an interesting upside. First, while the regular viewers of Good Morning America are more likely to buy a new minivan or sport utility vehicles than a performance car, we should keep in mind that a great many Mustang (and Camaro) buyers are female so catering to a predominantly female crowd does put the new cars in front of a very competitive crowd of buyers. Second, this is a benefit for the shows themselves as people who generally wouldn’t bother watching crap like Good Morning America or Live with Kelly and Michael are likely to tune in just to see the 2015 Mustang make its grand debut in the unfortunate event that they are unable to make it to one of the cities around the world where the new Ford performance car will make its formal debut.

Regardless of how boring Good Morning America might be on a daily basis, hosting the debut of the 2015 Ford Mustang should have a very positive impact on the show but it also gives Mustang fans around the country a chance to tune in and see the new pony car for the first time. Good Morning America runs on the ABC network which means that pretty much every television in the United States is capable of tuning into the program so whether a hardcore Mustang fan is at home or at work – he or she will be able to catch a glimpse of the 2015 Mustang this Thursday morning sometime between 7am and 9am EST. If you will be at work, it might be a good idea to start bugging your boss about letting you take your lunch break early so that you can watch the debut live on ABC…or just take the morning off. Tell your boss that you have a doctor’s appointment or something…it should be worth the hassle to see the new Mustang without having to wait until your work day is over.

Luckily for all of our TorqueNews readers, yours truly will be at the live debut of the 2015 Ford Mustang so shortly after the new pony car debuts on Good Morning America, you can be sure to find plenty of information and images on the 2015 Mustang right here.

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Suzan (not verified)    December 2, 2013 - 6:05PM

Would you rather watch the unveiling of the 2015 Ford Mustang on Today Show with Kthie Lee or on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos? Honestly, I was thinking Ford would make a global online special debut and not the revelation of this new car with a specific show with huge, but still limited audience. Smart move or no?

Patrick Rall    December 3, 2013 - 12:36AM

In reply to by Suzan (not verified)

I dont know that I see much of a difference between the Today Show and Good Morning America.

In terms of the debut, I believe that the media (both automotive and non-specific) will cover the 2015 Mustang debut so closely with locations in six major cities around the world that the company really wont need to do much on their own - such as an online debut. I would expect that if Ford doesnt have some sort of streaming video of the debut, they will have videos available shortly after the car is unveiled.

Thanks for reading!

Bradley (not verified)    December 3, 2013 - 8:40AM

Actually, if I were Ford Motor Company I would now go to NBC's Today Show and offer them a deal to include Today in addition to GMA. Imagine if the 2015 Mustang unveiled in Today and GMA at the same time. Ford would double the media coverage. Now, Today may not agree to it, but this could be a new and unique, never-seen-before partnership, both channels showing the same "commercial" at the same time. It's up to Ford's marketing team. They should try to make an offer to NBC that the later can't refuse.

J Grace (not verified)    December 3, 2013 - 12:33PM

In 1964 all three of the networks (and there were only 3), ran a commercial for the Mustang at the same time.

Michael Rocker (not verified)    December 5, 2013 - 6:39AM

I am glad to see that FORD will do their nationwide unavailing on GMA. Their studio is right there in the middle of Times Square. Also a major difference of the 2015 Ford Mustang and the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS besides the year is that the year is the Ford Mustang is made in the USA where as the Camaro is built in Oshawa Ontario Canada so by all definition the Camaro is an import along with the Impala and the new Caprice police cars and the Chevy SS are being built in Australia.

James Will (not verified)    December 5, 2013 - 1:33PM

I love the design. According to the Ford is looking to give the new Mustang a wider push in the international markets, and is pitching its first official sale in Europe. Let see how it is going to perform in European Region.

Daniel Roberson (not verified)    December 5, 2013 - 3:22PM

Wow this is one of the prettiest mustangs ever. I didn't think I would ever leave my 2005 but I'm ready to rumble with this 15 Mustang.

Sam Joshua (not verified)    December 5, 2013 - 4:56PM

I can't believe it! Ford totally and officially ruined it for themselves! They had something that worked, and now they need to go and change it. What a disgrace. Mustang did have it's ugly years, but this takes it all to a new level! This is ridiculous. Please, does anyone agree with me? Anyone?

Chuck (not verified)    December 12, 2013 - 8:51AM

In reply to by Sam Joshua (not verified)

Evolution. I think the car is beautiful. I currently own a 2007 Foose Mustang which is awesome. But I will likely sell it for the new new Mustang. I like the front and the back, both have just enough style ques fromt he past but also bring this car into the future. Well, done.

Casey (not verified)    December 5, 2013 - 6:26PM

Totally agree, front end is ugly. The headlights look like 13' Fusions or a skinny new chargers' light...The coupe from the side looks just like an audi/ nissan 350-70Z, I do like the fastback style (just cuz 69-70 mach1) but not the cheap plastic insert. Power plant is pretty badass lets hear one run and in a few years redesign a few things. They totally un-americanized it, it's no longer a beefy looking muscle car to me. Ford went with more of an exotic loook to sell to other markets (China,Europe,Asia,Oil emirates) Sales just aren't happening here enough to rely on just one market.

Patrick Rall    December 5, 2013 - 8:58PM

When other generations of the Ford Mustang have debuted, there have been plenty of people around the world who didnt like it...while there were tens of thousands who liked it enough to run out and spend their hard earned money on one. The desire to sell cars in other segments has nothing to do with a lack of sales in the US. The auto industry has changed and to compete - to REALLY compete - an automaker has to be global. This will be the first Mustang marketed in so many markets which means that in addition to surely selling well in the US, we will see more and more sold in other countries.

Ultimately, it doesnt matter to Ford if a handful of people dont like the new Mustang. Copy and paste this link for a closer look at why.

christian (not verified)    December 5, 2013 - 10:37PM

i want one now the s bodys were awsome and this ones awsome i own the the 1992 fox the s body 1994 and the new edge 2004 mustangs so far and i like this one a lot

KEVIN D. LESS (not verified)    December 8, 2013 - 11:43PM

The first Mustang came out when I was 13. I've been a fan ever since and think that this is the most beautiful , refined design ever. It hints at power but does not bludgeon you with it. Very sophisticated. In concept, it reminds me of vintage Jaguars.