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2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Production Numbers Surface

A chart with the production numbers for the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat popped up on my Facebook wall today with a Hellcat.org watermark, leading me to believe that these are the official production numbers by color and transmission for the 707hp Mopar muscle car.

First, the production numbers discussed here are not official figures from Dodge or the Chrysler Group, but they come from a chart that appears to have been created for the enthusiast community Hellcat.org by member PLMCRZY. That site is chock full of great information on both Hellcat cars and with some staff members of the site having obvious insider access to non-public records, I am inclined to believe these numbers to be true.

They might not be the official final production numbers for the 2015 Hellcat Challenger and I’ve not found a similar post on that website discussing Hellcat Charger production numbers, but I believe that this information accurately depicts the current production totals for the 707hp Challenger.

2015 Hellcat Challenger Production Totals
According to the folks at Hellcat.org, there have been 7,168 examples of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat built since late last year. Of those, 3,748 were fitted with the heavy duty 8-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission while the other 3,420 had the 6-speed manual transmission.

Sublime was the most popular color overall for the 2015 Hellcat Challenger while also being the most popular among automatic transmission models with Black being the most popular color choice among manual transmission models. The least popular exterior color for the Hellcat Challenger in 2015 was Jazz Blue with just 243 built and while that color was also the least popular among manual transmission cars, automatic transmission Hellcat buyers picked B5 Blue the least often – but that is likely because B5 was a late availability color.

Possible summary of possible 2015 Hellcat Challenger production numbers

Here is the full list of 2015 Hellcat Challenger production figures by color:
Color – Manual Transmission – Automatic Transmission – Total
Sublime – 593 – 724 – 1,327
Black – 642 – 548 – 1,190
Phantom Black – 470 – 669 – 1,139
TorRed – 378 – 491 – 869
Redline Red – 285 – 288 – 573
Bright White – 219 – 256 – 475
Granite Crystal – 197 – 221 – 418
B5 Blue – 243 – 74 – 317
Ivory Tri-Coat – 141 – 176 – 317
Billet Silver – 138 – 162 – 300
Jazz Blue – 114 – 129 – 243
Totals – 3,420 – 3,748 – 7,168

2015 Charger Hellcat Production
In picking through the posts on Hellcat.org, I haven’t been able to find similar information for the Hellcat Charger, but those in the know suggest that production numbers for the sedan could be in the 1,000 range. The Charger production started later than the Challenger and because of the insane popularity of the Hellcat Challenger, the Charger production was greatly reduced. Even though the sedan could outsell the coupe, Dodge has been unable to roll out 707hp Chargers at a high enough rate to fill the long list of orders.

Even without strong Charger Hellcat numbers, the Challenger figures alone are impressively high. There were rumors when the Hellcat Challenger was introduced which insisted that just a few thousand would be made, but we know that no less than 7,100 units were built. With numbers these high, Dodge will almost certainly announce the official figures for 2015 Hellcat production – at which point we will make any revisions that are needed along with reporting the production numbers for the most powerful sedan in the world.

Source: Hellcat.org via Facebook

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378 Torred 6 speed manual. I wonder if one can find out what the V I N is on the last Challenger Hellcat.
Last 2015 Challenger Hellcat built: 2C3CDZC96FH905657 (from hellcat.org)
There bis no way that vin is possible.....mine is 887766 and was built sept11 . Which would mean they built 17000 cars in 6 weeks........nah I don't think so
If you would do a little research, you could find out that the Brampton plant builds nearly 1000 cars per day. The last 6 digits of the VIN are unique for all models (not just the Hellcats), so 887766 might be a Hellcat and the next 887767, might be a Scat Pack and the next might be a Chrysler 300 or a Charger. Also the VINs are not produced in sequence. I have posted accurate info including the source. Believe it or not. The owner of the last Challenger Hellcat produced has username "sahak" at hellcat.org.
BTW - How are you enjoying your Granite Crystal 6-speed? I have the 6-speed as well that I have owned about 1 month now.
The VIN of the first Challenger Hellcat is 2C3CDZC94FH700001. By your logic, the VIN you posted is also not possible. There is no way they produced (887766-700001) over 100 thousand Hellcats.
My Hellcat had a born date (if you will) of 9/9/15, last of VIN is 887801.
I wonder how many of the 573 Redline Red have a black hood with red/black leather interior like mine?
22 total. (8 of them are 6-spd manual w/ black wheels, 12 are 8-spd automatics with black wheels, 2 are 8-spd automatics with brass monkey wheels). There is a chart with all this data at hellcat.org.
I have a sublime Hellcat with the automatic and a sunroof. Because of issues with the sunroof for nearly the entire production run, I was wondering how many of these would be out there?
There are only 18 sublime Automatic Hellcat Challengers with sunroofs. There is only 1 sublime Manual Hellcat Challengers with a sunroof. I cannot post a hyperlink in this comment, because hyperlinks are not allowed. However, all this statistical data is available at hellcat.org. The title of the thread which contains the charts is "2015 Dodge Hellcat final production totals and stats".
I'm not sure why, but I believe I have read that most or a lot of the sunroofs went to Canada.
I have a 2015 A8, billet siver, matte black hood, Nav. Any idea how many were made with the same specs?
I got 2 Challenger Hellcats. The 2nd one the auto in Sublime arrived August 22. Vin # 909956. One of the last ones I'm guessing?
I have Hellcat vin# C23CDZC96FH716040 and I was told it was born Nov. 15 2014 I am trying to find out what the production number is since they are not consecutive order
My Challenger was completed and shipped from Brampton on 11-07-2014 @12:59 PM. as per the shipment sheet. My vin# is 2C3CDZC99719630. It was delivered to Suburban Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Troy Michigan on 12-1-2014 and I drove it home on 12-3-2014. That day it was sunny 45 degrees and no snow. Put in the garage and did not come out until April 1st 2015 and had fun ever since. The car today has 15000 miles and has never been in the rain or snow.
Anyone know how many all white 2015 srt challenger hellcats built?
2015 Hellcat production info.
I was told I have a 1 of 1 2015 hellcat challenger white black hood 6 speed tan or buckskin interior any info