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Why I Won't Buy My Reserved Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 reservation holder who had put a pre-order for Model 3 now writes that he won't buy his reservation and explains why.

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We know that up to this point about 8,000 Model 3 reservation holders have canceled their pre-orders. Add to this another 4,000 cancellations from Tesla because of duplicates and the number is 12,000. But this gentleman writes in Tesla forum that he cancels his reservation because of Model S 60.

"I was one of the first to reserve a Model 3," writes Pete in Tesla's Model 3 forum. "However I won't be buying it. I got so excited about it, I couldnt think of anything else. So when tesla reintroduced the Model S 60, it only took me about a week of dreaming to convince myself that was the way to go. And the tax incentives are still available, which I doubt will be the case when the Model 3 becomes available. The price is just too competitive," he adds.

Indeed, we don't know if the EV tax incentives will be available when the Tesla Model 3 comes out of production. But now, Tesla has made a move and brought back its Model S 60 at a competitive price, giving the Model 3 reservation holders an incentive to buy a full size sedan now rather than a small size Model 3 later.

On the other hand, other Tesla Model 3 reservation holders prefer waiting for their Model 3 without taking advantage of Model S's competitive price and size and they explain why. See this story why Tesla Model 3 reservation holders prefer to wait and not take the Model S 60 offer.

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Did anyone else decide to go with the Model S now vs waiting for the Model 3?

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