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Video Captures Tesla Roadster Hitting BMW in San Francisco

Motorcycle driver's GoPro records a Tesla Roadster hitting a BMW in downtown San Francisco in an apparent attempt to avoid pedestrians.


"This is why I wear a GoPro every day. The Tesla understeered the corner and went nose first into the BMW. I had totally forgotten that my camera was running until I got back on the bike, so I went back to give her my number so she can get a copy of the footage later," wrote an Instagram user Pipeburns posting this video.

It does look like the Tesla Roadster driver was trying to avoid the pedestrians, but I can see that the car was making the right turn at a high speed. Do you agree?

Note that the BMW was hardly damaged. I just see that its license plate fell. The rest of the BMW seems remaining intact.

I was actually frightened how fast and how quiet the Roadster was. It is an extremely fast and silent car.

I hope we find out what really happened. It could also be that the Tesla Roadster drive was either impaired or looked away during the turn. The driver did pull to the side though and didn't run away, which was a good side. Thank God no one was hurt.