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Toyota Releases Video Promising To Crack GR Corolla's Code

Yesterday Toyota released a new video on its Twitter accounting regarding today's debut of the 2023 GR Corolla, promising that the puzzle pieces, which were released two days ago as teaser images, will all make sense.


Toyota remains determined to increase its list of sporty models under the acronym GR. Specifically, it will be tonight at 9:30PM EST and the model in question is the Toyota GR Corolla . The bad thing is that it may be reserved only for the North American and Japanese markets and will not immediately be available in Europe.

While we wait until this late evening to see this new Toyota GR Corolla, the brand has given us a small teaser of the GR Corolla with two photographs. It shows the left front wing to which a ventilation opening for the brake system with red calipers and preceded by black wheels had to be placed.

This of course left lots of GR Corolla fans puzzled, who started asking lots of questions about the price, design and the specs of Toyota's upcoming new performance vehicle. Toyota responded with this video on Twitter promising that puzzle pieces will all make sense at GR Corolla's debut on March 31, at 9:30PM.

Watching this video I can see that the GR marketing department has been having way to much fun at Toyota. I am glad to see Toyota is finally back with fun reliable cars, well at least in the United State because as I mentioned above the 2023 GR Corolla is not expected to be immediately available in Europe.

You might think that with these small details it is very difficult to know if it is a Toyota GR Corolla or any other model, but in recent months there have been numerous leaks that clearly indicate it, either by models caught with a lot of camouflage or by private documents. revealed on some motor websites.

2023 Toyota GR Corolla to have all wheel drive

With the second photo in which the letters “GR Four” are perfectly visible, it is confirmed that this next Toyota GR Corolla will have all-wheel drive, and most likely with torque distribution included as in the Toyota GR Yaris. From the utility vehicle it could also inherit, according to the rumors that accompany this release, its three-cylinder engine, but a little tighter. How much power? Well, it is not ruled out that it reaches 300 CV. What do you think?

I am reading the comments under Toyota's tweet and I see people also asking about a Hybrid GR Corolla. I think it's a great idea to introduce a GR Corolla with hybrid power.

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