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Tesla's Newest Driving Modes Chill, Easy Entry and What They Do

Tesla has released a software update for its electric vehicles, which introduces two interesting functions. One of the updates is called "Chill" mode, while the other is called "Easy Entry" mode.

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Tesla's new 2017.44 update is designed for Model S and Model X. The Chill and Easy Entry update has already promoted an active discussion on Tesla Reddit, where Model S owners share their experiences.

Chill is a mode that helps the Model S and Model X owners to town down the acceleration speed. This is why it's called chill.

If this option is selected in the settings, the car will accelerate more smoothly, which will provide an increased level of comfort. This can be useful for new owners of electric cars who are not used to driving an EV. In addition, the Chill mode is useful in the transportation of older people, children or fragile goods. Of course, the standard acceleration mode is there too.

To use the Chill option, tap Controls, Driving. Then in Acceleration, choose Chill.

The Easy Entry mode, in turn, is designed to improve the comfort of getting in and out of the car.

After activating this option, when the car is disconnected, the driver's seat will be automatically retracted and the steering wheel will be lifted up. The subsequent start of the car will return the "steering wheel" and the chair to their usual places in accordance with the preset settings.

To use your Easy Entry profile, tap Controls, settings Driver Profiles and check Use Easy Entry. When You are prompted, adjust the steering wheel and driver's seat, and save your changes to the Easy Entry profile.

Guys at DragTime tested the Chill acceleration mode here in this video and share what's it's all about.

In the third quarter of this year Tesla delivered a total of 26,137 electric cars. Of these, the Model S and Model X had 25,915 copies. The rest was made by Model 3. The company's revenue for the three-month period reached $ 2.98 billion, which is approximately 30% more than the result for the third quarter of last year. Also see this shocking study by MIT scientists, which shows why Tesla pollutes environment more than Mitsubishi Mirage.

If you have already tested the Chill and Easy Entry modes please share with Torque News readers your opinion in the comments section.

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