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Tesla Owners vs Cadillac Owners About Autopilot and Super Cruise Self-Driving

Tesla and Cadillac owners respond differently when it comes to autopilot of self-driving

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Few days ago Cadillac announced that its new Super Cruise will set the standard for hands-free driving, putting the new technology in 2018 CT6. "Cadillac is promising that its 2018 CT6 will feature new Super Cruise technology that will make it the leader in hands-free driving on the highway," reports Patrick Rall of

This is not an AutoPilot, like Tesla has, but it's mode in 2018 Cadillac CT6, called self-driving model. While the self-driving is activated a special Driver Alert System in 2018 CT6 will keep the Cadillac driver engaged. This is why it's not called an Autopilot.

Tesla vs Cadillac owners' response about self-driving technology

Tesla owners are pretty excited about the Autopilot technology. The new updates and upgrades of this technology is always welcomed in Tesla forums and discussion board. In fact, we already see at least one insurance company that offers cheaper auto insurance to Tesla Model S owners, if the vehicle is equipped with Autopilot technology. While Tesla Model S owners are generally very excited about the Autopilot (I am not a big fan of it), and from time to time they discuss its failures and when it acts up, the Cadillac owners respond differently.

Cadillac Owner's Response about Super Cruise
Two days ago I asked in on Cadillac Facebook group about what people think about the 2018 Cadillac CT6's Super Cruise self-driving technology. Here are some of the responses from that discussion.

"Hands free driving should be illegal," wrote one owner, fearing the imperfection of the system may cause more accidents.

Whether is Autopilot or Super Cruise self-driving, it's a technology for technology's sake, wrote another owner named Robert. He says it will only add thousands of unnecessary dollars to the cost of the new 2018 Cacilla CT6 and sites his support to BMW's slogan as the way to move forward. "BMW had it right when its slogan was "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

No Driving If It's Self-Driving

Other Cadillac members expressed negative attitudes toward Cadillac's Super Cruise self-driving technology because they argued that the real driving experience will be lost if the car starts driving itself. Cadillac vehicles have a unique driving experience and the owners don't like the prospect of losing it.

They say self driving is not driving. "And if we're not driving we don't need to 'feel' the road so we can go back to cars that don't ride like lumber wagons," wrote another owner named Michael. "I am not even remotely interested in self-driving cars. I agree with Robert above. Too costly and unnecessary," wrote John in the forum.

What do you think? Are the Tesla Autopilot and Cadillac Super Cruise self-driving technologies safe and do they add unnecessary costs to the cars while compromising the ultimate driving experience?

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