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Tesla Model 3 Getting Out of Tight Garage Using The Summon Forward and Backward

This morning I saw a very interesting story in which Rivers from Tech Connect Youtube Channel demonstrates how he gets his Tesla Model 3 in and out of his tight garage using the Summon feature. Note that the Summon is demonstrated not only forwards, but also backwards and in which situations it benefits the owner. Here is Rivers in his own word and the video demonstration.


You have got to check out this really cool feature that Teslas have. It's called the Summon and what it does, it lets you actually bring the car out of tight parking spots like garage so you can get in without having to squeeze by everything.

So I just open up the app and I just hold on the Summon button. Anytime I think there's any problem at all, I can just let go the button and it'll stop the car. As you can see the Model 3 in this video actually steers everything inside the tight garage to make sure it doesn't hit anything as you are bringing the Model 3 out.

You can also use the Summon feature to park your car into tight spaces. That way you can get out of your Model 3 before and then drive it on in. In fact, here is another situation where Tesla Summon feature is most useful.

Tesla Model 3 Summon taking car out of tight garage inside view

Let's go ahead and do that as I demonstrate in the video below.

Go on the Summon App and get the forward button. It will scan the area to make sure it doesn't hit anything as it's going in . And if you see any problems at all, you can just let got the button and the car will stop the car immediately.

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I am actually really impressed with the Summon feature how well it does and how well it gets my Model 3 in and out of my tight garage.

The Summon Works Backwards Too

You can use The Summon feature not only forwards, but also backwards. Look how my Model 3 demonstrates The Summon feature parking in my tight garage backward.

It's probably one of my favorite features I have used in the Tesla. So far it works really and I plan on using it a lot in the future.

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Mark Day (not verified)    June 24, 2019 - 1:38PM

Lesson of this story: 1) Don’t accept undersized garages 2) Ergo, no need for a Tesla. Garages should have minimum 12ft width per vehicle.

Jeff Tremble (not verified)    April 13, 2021 - 7:59PM

I'm getting ready to buy a model Y and this feature is very, very important to me. I have a 1 car garage and it is a tight fit for the current car I have, a BMW Series 4. The model Y is approximately the same width as my current BMW. I have a question for you: in the video, you say it is a tight fit. How tight? I have 3 inches of clearance on each side for my current car. Is that about what you have? More? Less? Unfortunately, the Tesla dealer says there is no way to check to see if it will work on my garage and basically said "buy a model Y and give it a try" which is absurd. Then he suggested Turo to rent a Tesla to try it out. Which is also absurd. Anyway, any assistance would be appreciated.