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This Picture Was Mistakenly Confused with Tesla Model 3 SN1

I have a habit of searching interesting tweets to find the latest about Tesla Model 3 and found this picture which has led some to believe that it's SN1, but this is from the Model 3 reveal.

A Twitter user Cryptoplanet tweeted this image of Matte Black Tesla Model 3, which appears to be taken in a Tesla Factory. It seems to me that this is the SN1 Model 3 or at least one of the first and official Model 3 vehicles rolling off the assembly line as of yesterday.

The tweet was posted 12 hours ago. In his opinion this Model 3 looks better than the Model S. Here is what he tweeted.

However, another tweet from a user Steven Berry replied saying this is not SN1 pointing the door handles, but saying this is from the Model 3 reveal. What reveal, we don't know.

I was searching Tesla forums and groups on Facebook and saw lots of interest about the Matte Black color.

"I am interested in Matte black," wrote one Tesla enthusiast on Facebook. He writes he loves the color and would prefer it.

By the way, there is an unofficial Model 3 Configuration website, where you can config the exterior and interior colors of your Model 3. Black Mate is one of them. All the colors look professional and reasonably good.

Here is their rendering of Tesla Model 3 in Black Mate color.

Tesla Model 3 Black Mate

I asked the twitter use where he took the picture. Here I am updating this story and adding that he said although the picture looks like a new, it's not. It's from the last year's Model 3 reveal.

Here are the key specs of Model 3, if you want to read them. However, TorqueNews reporter John Goreham thinks Tesla seems to set low goal for Model 3 safety. What are your thoughts?


Shane (not verified)    July 8, 2017 - 9:56AM

That is obviously NOT a picture of the factory as you can clearly see service bays on both sides.

The bigger question is, where IS Model 3 SN1?

Topher (not verified)    July 8, 2017 - 9:56AM

Please do your research before posting old pictures of Alpha cars. This is easily seen to be one of the reveal cars by the presence of the Model S style door handles. Way to give yourself zero credibility.

Armen Hareyan    July 8, 2017 - 11:06AM

Service bays doesn't mean this is not the SN1. I didn't write this is surely the SN1, but "possibly," based on the factors listed in the story. Have you been in Tesla factory to know there aren't service bays there?

Rob (not verified)    July 8, 2017 - 1:32PM

Agreed. This is one of the two full prototypes from 3/31/16 reveal. Doorhandles and lack of sensor covers in the front bumper cover.