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If I Had a Volt, How Would I Drive It Not To Act Like and ICE

There are two ways of driving Chevy Volt. If you drive one way it will act like a pure electric car and you can use it long time. But if you drive little differently, it will act like an ICE powered car. How do you drive your Chevrolet Volt?

Here is what Michael Sheiman, an concessional TorqueNews contributor and an avid EV supporter writes. If he had a Chevy Volt.

If I had a Volt, I could use it to easily make my 25 mile work commute, recharge at work, and drive back. It makes a good EV if you are careful to use it as one (on battery power). If you drive it carelessly and don't recharge, of course it's going to act more like an ICE powered car - just drive it diligently and you'll be fine.

What distance do you cover with your Chevy Volt daily and how often, where do you usually charge it?

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winfield100 (not verified)    December 12, 2015 - 8:40AM

I have a 2014 Volt. I try to visit a daughter, after fully charging, whom is 60 miles away, or another 200 miles away. no matter what I do, the Volt has a maximum charge rate of 15amps at 240v (3kW) How do i do these visits on full EV? charge @ 10miles/hours L2 charge? this is why MY Volt is charge rate crippled and battery crippled. My only fix is an EV with a larger battery and faster charge rate. very few choices so far. Its a city car, which btw Chevy is desperate to get me to come and do expensive stuff to the ICE...