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How Is Chevy Volt The 2nd Most Sold EV in 2016 After Tesla Model S

Just like Tesla Model S owners, Chevy Volt owners are equally active in social media and spread the word about the benefits of owning a Volt and not surprisingly partly because of this effort Chevy Volt became the 2nd most sold EV in 2016 in US.

Here is a typical sample of how Chevy Volt owners help to spread the word about their vehicles and as a result make the Volt the second most popular electric car in the United States.

Today I was reading a discussion in Chevy Volt Owners public group on Facebook where a Volt owner Dale Hemrick started a discussion, named "another 'Dale convinced someone to buy a Volt' story.' This is what Hamrick shared with his fellow Chevy Volt owners.

"A few months ago, I was chatting with a co-worker about what he is going to to buy to replace his aging high-mileage Prius. He was pretty much set on buying another Prius, but he had some questions about the Volt which I was happy to answer because I won't shut up about how much I like it. I used to own the same model of Prius he has so, while being careful not to diss the Prius (and for goodness sake please don't start that debate again), I told him the huge number of positives of the Volt over the Prius. I told him to just go drive it and he would be sold. He also mentioned that his adult son was looking for a new car and was leaning toward the Accord hybrid and wasn't even considering a Volt.

"Fast forward to yesterday, I meet the same co-worker in the hallway and he said that he went and drove a Volt and it was so good, he told his son to try one. His son tried it and liked it so much, he just went to Maryland from NC a few days ago and picked up a new leftover 2016 premier while the discount was still in place. He said his son is really excited about his new Volt and won't stop talking about how much he likes it. My co-worker is now thinking that the Volt will be his next car once the old Prius truly dies.

"This made me happy," Hamrick wrote.

Another Chevy Volt owner suggested that if they are on Facebook, invite them to join the same group. But he also wrote that he is currently trying to convince some of his coworkers to try a Volt too. "But it's a tough sell right now due to these 'low' gas prices, and them all wanting sports cars, he writes. Although, even with low gas prices, it's easier on your wallet and better for the environment.

The power of social media is an amazing tool to increase or decrease the popularity of any product. The general mode in the discussion is that "all we have to do is plant a seed, let nature do the rest." And it becomes like a chain reaction.

Image source: Inside EVs chart.


Geoff (not verified)    July 15, 2016 - 2:05PM

Is anyone wondering how Tesla, Fiat, and Hyundai always sell an even number of cars every month? Their sales numbers all end in 5 or 10 for every month for six months in a row. Whether or not they are reporting cars built, cars delivered to dealers, or cars delivered to customers, it shouldn't be the that uniform. It is like the Tesla Model S comes in a 10 pack, because they only sell in multiples of 10. Statistically, it is very unlikely. Something is up there.

Geoff (not verified)    July 15, 2016 - 10:29PM

Well, if the Tesla numbers aren't real, then Volt is number one by default. All the other companies report actual deliveries. Comparing them to estimates gleaned from Elon Musk's tweets is nothing but unfounded speculation.