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Chevy Volt is Like a Tesla for The First 50 miles, Then Like a Prius

I saw an interesting discussion in Chevy Volt Owners group on Facebook where Volt owners were discussing ways to explain what is Chevrolet Volt. This is an attempt of Chevy Volt explained, by Volt owners.

Chevrolet Volt's drive system is a very complicated system to explained someone who is uninformed. One owners described the Volt as "All Electric all the time. When the battery runs low, the gas motor runs to keep it charged." Folks seem to understand this, he wrote.

Also a Volt vs Tesla vs Toyota Prius comparison was suggested by others. Volt is "like a Tesla for the first 50 miles, then like a Prius," writes Kincade in the group. "I know it's not really like a Prius but it's enough to explain why it can go anywhere," he adds.

I hadn't thought to compare it to a Tesla for the first 50 miles, writes Clint. "I would just say 'It's all-electric until the battery runs out, then it turns into a Prius." They seem to understand that better - and if so, then I'll elaborate on the differences," he says.

Some owners explain Chevy Volt as an electric car when you want it to be and describe it as a gas car when you need it to be. Best of both worlds.

Others say Volt is always an electric car. It uses battery when it is available, and the ICE provides electricity when the battery is used. Think of the Chevy Volt as an electric car with a plan B.

"Just drove 600 miles the last two days," writes John. "Nice mountain driving. No plausible charging possible. Could have done it with a Tesla as there were two superchargers on the route. But still, volt ran 41 mpg at 65+ mph. With Tesla, your first miles are from home, so I could have gotten to my destination with one stop not too far from there, then drive around town for a while, then aupercharge on the way home," he adds.

What is Chevy Volt for you? How do you explain it to people who have not driven an electric car?