Tesla SoarCity Benefits
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How Can Tesla Model 3 Owners Benefit from SolarCity by Going to Home Depot

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders don't have free access to superchargers, but the can benefit from Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) SolarCity acquisition (NASDAQ: SCTY). Here is how it may work well for them.

Tesla now may simple offer its 400,000 Model 3 reservation holders something really new and exciting. The company could offer them something like Tesla Energy Solar, as a preparatory step while they are waiting for their cars to be shipped.

Imagine going to the Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement or even Tesla dealerships and buying a Tesla energy installation. Tesla's brand has almost the same allure in the automotive industry as iPhone in the tech industry.

SolarCity offers important full-service solar power systems for homes, businesses and governments providing custom design, financing, installation & monitoring. These services are needed today as we all grow more energy concious and want to be use more renewable energy. What Tesla does immediately is it puts a brand name on a generic product. Many people didn't even know about SolarCity, but they know about Tesla.

Great Opportunity for SolarCity and Tesla

When SolarCity comes under the Tesla umbrella it will improve the company's perception among people and particularly among Tesla owners.

More than 375,000 people are waiting for their Tesla Model 3 to arrive. These people have no free access to SuperCharger, but imagine this. Imagine if Tesla offers them a solar energy solution as a preparatory step while they are waiting for their Model 3 to arrive. "Imagine going into a Home Depot and seeing a huge Tesla banner (pictures of the cars, the super chargers and home charging happiness) and a nice agent willing to sign them up for a free estimate for Tesla Energy installation," writes Sean in one of the Tesla Owners group on Facebook.

The move will help the SolarCity to stand out from the rest of the companies in the solar industry. I assume Tesla may even change the name of the company by something like Solar Tesla or Tesla Solar.

I am not a Tesla or SolarCity stock holder, but I believe future Teslas and Toyota Prius cars may run on solar energy.

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