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Here Is What EV Enthusiasts and BMW i3 Owners Say About BMW's Electric SUV

As Audi is reportedly planning a BMW i3 revival I saw an interesting discussion in Electric Car group on Facebook where the EV enthusiasts and BMW i3 owners discussed sharing their thoughts on i3. Let's see what they say.

Steven Tyrell Crosbie writes that from a purely design standpoint, he think the BMW i3, and BMW i8 are both beautifully sculpted. "Personal opinion, as I am a modernist at heart so cool design is huge for my tastes," Crosbie writes.

Michael Higginbotham
I like the simplicity of their design. It is an electric motor geared to the differential. The generator only provides electricity to the motor / battery. It never diectly engages any gears to propel the car. The generator is only for short hops to make it to a charger, that is its purpose.

Bob Jordan
My son-in-law has one. It is uncomfortable and cramped. Interior bits are made of cheap plastic and recycled whatever. Get a Chevy Bolt - or even a Volt.

Al Errico
My LEAF comes off lease in about a month and the BOLT is months away from being available in IL. Lease incentives on the i3 right now make it very attractive especially with the technology and the harman kardon stereo. I am strongly considering! Also it is rear wheel drive and should eliminate the torque steer I get on the LEAF.

Some others write that BMW i3 handles like a mini-cooper and is very quick. Other's say it looks better than many other electric cars.

While TorqueNews reporter John Goreham maintains that BMW i3 least expensive EV to maintain in America, one other person wrote that power-steer is somewhat heavy than the Japanese cars. I haven't tested, I don't know. If you are a BMW i3 owner could you please verify? Another person complained of the high repair costs and suggesting to send your children to college instead of owning an i3 and save on the repair bill.

What is your opinion about BMW i3? By the way, refreshed 2018 BMW i3 electric car is coming soon.


JOHN BLANGi (not verified)    April 2, 2017 - 3:18AM

After driving a BEV i3 for two years..i had to get a second CPO BEV Tera World..they were so inexpensive...I love everything about it.