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Funniest Nissan Leaf License Plate

Sometimes people want to make a statement with the license plate of their cars and the same is true especially with the electric cars owners. I find the license plate on this new Nissan Leaf really making the point.

"This might be the best number plate I've ever seen," posted a user named Belfastmurf, referring to this picture of Nissan Leaf and tweeting to Nissan EV UK. It reads "Gass LOL" on the Leaf's license plate making its own statement on not using gas anymore.

Usage of gas is going to be a thing of the past indeed. The century of oil will be gone soon.

Yesterday, France announced that as of 2040 it will prohibit cars running on gas and diesel. This is a huge statement with tremendous consequences. Currently there are 32 million cars on the roads of France. Few days ago Volvo announced that it will stop producing cars running solely on gas. It will only make electric cars and some hybrids.

And guess what. On July 6 Rolls-Royce said it will skip hybrids and go straight to EVs. I am not even mentioning the Tesla, which announced the start of its most popular Model 3 this week. See this story for the full specs of Tesla Model 3.

In light of these news stories the license plate of this Nissan Leaf and similar ones do make good sense. This is the beginning of the end of the oil and gas economy and all the negatives and conflicts that it has brought upon people of the world.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf got a launch date and it's impressive. Here are the first spy shots of the new Nissan Leaf taken on Japanese roads. And what this utility company does, may set a start of a new trend: negotiating Nissan Leaf group deals for its customers. Doesn't this make a lot of sense? This is the utility companies competing with oil companies.