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This Camaro Owner Says Southern CA Can Be The Camaro Capital of US

Kurt Robinson from Southern California bought his eight car from the same dealer and says SoCal could become the Chevy Camaro capital of the United States. Do you agree?

Kurt Robinson reports. My Black 2010 Chevy Camaro LT1 is special to me because I have done the work myself. That to me makes it more gratifying when people ask about the car. In fact most people are surprised when I tell them I have done all the work myself. I have always been like this with my cars. From my first car at 18 yrs old up to now I have never own a car I haven't done some customizing to it.

My name is Kurt Robinson and as a big DIY-er I love working on cars. It's in my blood, growing up in a racing family.

  • Helo 20x10 Wheels with 295/40 Rear 265/45 Pirelli Zero Rubber
  • 1 1/2'' Lowering Springs - BBK Strut Tower Brace
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Custom Oracle HID Halo & Fog Halo Lights with cross wired Blinkers to Fog Halos
  • Oracle Under Car and Grill Ambient Lights and Door Projector Lights
  • Custom Stereo with 1300 wtt Amp and (2) 10 Subs.

All paint on this Chevy Camaro was done by myself. The Red Custom Rally Strip color is Inferno Metallic Orange with a Fire Candy Clear Coat. All other red parts are the same to match, including the engine too. Body work added also was a 2012 Camaro Wail Tail Spoiler and ACS Front Chin Splitter.

I bought my Camaro from the local Chev dealer in my area. I have a pretty good relationship with them. This is my 8th car from the same dealer. I never seem to keep a car too long. Somehow I get bored with them and need to move on to another. Not sure how long this Camaro will stay with me because I am already thinking about the next one. The next one will be another Chevy Camaro, but this time I am moving up to a 1SS - 1LE. I think I found my favorite car and think I will always own a Camaro from here on out.

Since I was a young teen I knew a guy down the street from me that had a 1969 Chevy Camaro Fully Blown Street Racer. That's how it was in the 70s of the past century. You could do almost anything. You could hear the car 2 blocks away when he was rolling up. From that point I always wanted a Camaro, but then the 80s and 90s, in my opinion, took a turn in the wrong direction in style. Thus, I didn't like them much. Then in 2010 Chevy came out with the 5th Gen and I think they nailed it on the head with the new design. Bringing back what I remember a Camaro used to be.

Having a Camaro in Southern California is a dream. You are able to drive the car almost anytime you want. Over the last year I have joined with a great group of Chevy Camaro enthusiasts, the IECC (Inland Empire Camaro Club), a bunch that all love their cars and lifestyle that goes with it. We meet at least once a month for a meet, but also do a bunch of other events with other Camaro groups in SoCal. I think Southern California could be the Camaro Capital in the United States. There is simply so many Camaro drivers around.

I have a couple of Youtube videos. First one is the IECC Club Cruise to Palomar Mt. in SoCal and the other is a video of my custom lighting on the car.

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