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Autopilot Kicks In Smashing Brakes To Save a Family from Crashing Tree

Tesla Model X Autopilot made an incredible last minute kick in by slamming the emergency brakes and saving a family from a crashing tree in storm Dennis.


Tesla Model X Autopilot saved this family from crashing tree in storm Dennis that has been roaring across the north Atlantic over the past weekend.

According to British Mirror this family is miraculously saved after a 400 year old oak tree came crashing down on their Tesla Model X car while they were on holiday in Dorset, UK.

These unbelievable pictures screenshots from The Mirror show the scope of what happened.

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According to the Mirror “Laurence Sanderson was driving his wife Anna and their three children to Dorset for a half term holiday when the 400 year old Oak tree came crashing down as Storm Dennis battered the country on Saturday evening. But luckily their £86,000 Model X Autopilot ''kicked in'' and slammed the emergency brakes on, saving their lives.

Incredibly, another Model X coming the other way was also crushed by the tree with the Autopilot function also saving the three occupants' lives.
Thanks to Jesus everyone is save. Isn't it unbelievable that there were two Tesla vehicles coming at the same time on both sides of the tree and both of them saved?

An explosive winter storm that roared across the North Atlantic over the weekend is still having impacts across central England and Wales, as authorities on Tuesday declared severe flood warnings across the region.

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