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Buick Envision SUV renderings leak ahead of Shanghai Auto Show Debut

A China-based auto news reporter today leaked more renderings of the upcoming Buick Envision SUV ahead of the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show debut, giving a better glance of what the new SUV will look like.

It is an advantage for Shanghai-GM to have the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show in its backyard. Apparently, it is also an advantage to be a auto news reporter in China today, as China Car Times today leaked more renderings of the Buick Envision SUV without revealing how it sources the images.

Blending a mixture of a European and U.S. styles, the leaked images of the upcoming Buick Envision SUV "appear to show a two door coupe style SUV, which honestly looks closer to the Opel Astra sports model," China Car Times writes.

It was at the end of March 2011 when Buick unveiled Envision as a concept. It is said that the company will officially present this new concept at this year's Shanghai Auto Show on April 18. While the show dates are April 21 to April 29, it may be safe to assume that Shanghai GM may be holding a special unveiling ceremony ahead of the opening date of the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show.

Although located in China, Buick is still missing the market segment of crossover / SUV. This does not mean ignoring the Enclave model, which is imported and not assembled in China. According to China Car Times Buick Envision SUV is more closer to the Opel Astra sports model than a new crossover model. Since GM has said that Envision SUV will join the Buick brand it is fair to conclude that the new concept is going to foreshadow the Enclave.

Without providing any further details, GM has has announced that the Buick Envision SUV will be technologically advanced and will have a motorization type hybrid plug-in.

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