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2011 Ford C-Max Review: Great for new discoveries

Recently I had a chance to review and drive 2011 Ford C-max for a week. A 5 door multi-purpose vehicleMPV car is ideal for an active family, always searching new destinations and new discoveries. This family car offers you all the necessary space to realize your projects and family activities.


Its ECOnetic technologies, a tradename for certain car models produced by Ford of Europe, lets Ford C-max to spend less gas per mile than other vehicles of the same range.

The new Ford C-max is not only an MPV, but also it expresses the latest evolution of Ford’s Kinetic design. It has a sporty look, which make it a stylish multi-purpose car.

Ford C-max 2011 has a completely new interior design. The workmanship and the materials are better than the previous C-max. Instruments and climat-control are more clear. It's right that It took me a little time to understand and implement the navigation and entertainment systems, but after my “training” I fully enjoyed the Premium Sony SD navigation system equipped with voice control, telephone compatibility with a cell phone.

It took me some time to get used to the navigation/infotainment unit made by Sony. This may be because of the many tiny buttons and the multi-function steering wheel. While the voice control system, cruise control, board computer, phone and the navigation devices may seem overloaded, they fit comfortabily in driver’s hands and body together thanks to the new electro-mechanical servo support.

The dashboard is stylish. It groups all the control close to the hand. My only observation on this regard is that there is a very small, almost invisible bottom for retracting mirrors, which I searched a while before finding it.

The seats are comfortable and look supportive. The second row seats fold flat, thus releasing a large loading area. The second row seats slide fore and back, maximizing legroom. Their cases are inclinable, in order to provide better comfort. The central seat of second row retracts to create a spacious configuration.

The rear space is very good, taller passengers and drivers can feel very comfortable in it. The cargo place is more than sufficient.

Ford C-Max: Manual air conditioning DEATC

My wife is coming from south and unlike me, she likes warm weather. In our car we always discuss air conditioning and voice differences in opinion. In Ford C-max you will not have this problem. You can control air conditioning of two side separately. In our case my side is always 17-18 degrees C and her side is 22 and more. Even more, the seats can be heated. She is using this option always.

I think, the most wonderful thing in C-max, especially for women, is the semi-automatic parking system. Ultrasonic sensors confirm if the location is sufficient to park the vehicle. The system then takes the wheel and the driver enjoys the parking, by only acting with pedals.

Blind spot information System – Here is another intelligent tool to make your long journeys less stressful. As soon as another vehicle, car or truck enters in the blind spot of your vision field, the system warns the driver with a distinct light built in the side mirrors of driver as well as the passenger.

The powershift box of Ford C-MAX offers a perfect combination of traditional convenience of automatic performance associated with manual transmission. This new automatic transmission intelligently selects the appropriate speed making the change as fast as lightening, without interrupting the power flow.

Dear moms, your child is hundred percent protected in Ford C-MAX with Child Safety Locks, which can be activated with a simple gesture of a control, mounted on the driver's door.

My wife always complains the she has difficulties with back-driving. The first thing that she had approved (besides the separate-individual air conditioning) was the rear-view camera. As you start back-driving the rear-view camera, located on the back of the car, allows you to see the obstacles behind the car on the navigation display. The graphics help the driver to maneuver better and safer.

Ford C-Max is equipped with Bi-Xenon headlights, which project more stronger light than conventional headlights, while consuming 33% less energy. So, if you want to enjoy driving an MPV and if you like more space, I strongly recommend you to buy Ford C-max. It is the car you will need.

The first positive thing that I remarqued, even in high speed or in bad roads, is that inside the car it is never loud. The ride comfort is significant. Driving over bumps was gentle and softly filtered. The ESP, TVC, EPAS hill start assist programs help this intelligent vehicle to capture and filter the sharp turns and hilly roads.

The test-driven 2011 Ford C-Max was equipped with the 2.0 liter, 120 kW Duratorq-TDCi turbo diesel engine with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter. The car is highlighted by a powerful torque (340 Nm at 2000-3250 tm), good performance and a high degree of refinement. With this powerful car you enjoy driving without any problems or any concerns of how and when to change the speed. Ford C-Max's specified standard consumption of oil is 5.3 liters for every 100 km, however, since I was test driving it in a very mountainious area my consumption was about 1.4 liters higher, according to the on-board computer. I assume it would have been normal if I drove in flat highways or cities.

Ford foresees to modify 2.0-liter engine (CNG) for 2013 model, which can be powered by either gasoline or bio-ethanol. Also, Ford ford has announced the coming of C-Max hybrid, in which the emission will be significantly reduced. The company plans to bring Ford C-Max to United States next year.

2011 Ford C-Max review was written by Marcus Schopp: Torque News European correspondent.