1950 Buick 2 door Sedanette
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This 1950 Buick was commissioned for the American consulates in Australia

The second life of a 1950 Buick 2-door Sedanette, which went from serving the US Consulate in Australia to a barn.

This Buick was built in the USA commissioned to the Australian government for the American consulates when they came to Australia. This Buick did service here in Australia for some time, then ended up in a barn.

Later, it was found several years ago and got some make over. The color was changed, as well as the engine, transmission and few other different parts.

Now it runs a 403 Oldsmobile engine, turbo 350 trans 10 bolt (GM) diff.

The vehicle is air bagged in the rear. Soon it will be air bagged in the front too.

The original color of this Buick Sedanette was black. Then it was painted into a Toyota Yaris purple. At first it looked OK, but had to go back to black. Our best friend painted in in his paint shop.

This Buick already has a couple of trophies under it's belt. We have owned it for the past eighteen months and just finished restoring the interior.

Currently it's being driven in the suburbs of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, where I live.

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Written by Michael Elliott
Owner of this 1950 Buick 2 door Sedanette
NSW, Australia

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