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Tesla Owner Uses Model S as a Tractor and Gives Tesla an Idea

Tesla Model S used as electric tractor

A few days ago we heard the news of the impressive specs of Tesla Pickup.

The Tesla pickup truck is going to start under 50,000 dollars and CEO Elon Musk said that it will be a better truck than a Ford F-150 in terms of functionality characteristic to pickup trucks. Regarding this statement, we have to wait and see because we don't know neither the complete specs of the Tesla Pickup, nor to which version of the F-150 truck Musk is referring.

But, Dr. Christian Dallapoza, who tweets at @ChristianDallap and shared with us this video, had an even further going idea with his friends in Poland. They used his Model S as a tractor and in his tweet he calls on Tesla to think of making electric tractors.

In fact, electric tractor is not a new concept. Elon Musk has been talking about an electric tractor before. Last year, Volvo gave us a glimpse of a Bladerunner World of Electric Tractor pods: trucks so driverless, they don’t even need cabs.

This is what happens when you have Tesla Model S and need to collect wood for the fireplace. You can use your Model S as a tractor. Have you done anything like this with your Tesla? Please, share in the comments and subscribe to this channel for more interesting videos about cars and EVs.

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