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Tesla May Soon Get The Final Permit for Giga Berlin

The Tesla factory in Grünheide is growing rapidly, but the US electric car manufacturer builds at its own risk. Because decisive permits are still missing. Brandenburg's Economics Minister is confident that these will be available soon.

According to Brandenburg's Public Radio RBB Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) expects that the Tesla factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) will be fully approved by December at the latest. He said that on the sidelines of an event in Grünheide on Thursday the rbb.

At the meeting of the main committee of the municipality of Grünheide, Steinbach also promised that the state of Brandenburg would assume all of the planning costs for the development plan. The community of Grünheide is currently preparing a new development plan for the factory site in the Freienbrink district. This is a prerequisite for the final approval of the plant, which is currently being built with preliminary approvals. According to Steinbach, the state is now paying a total of 800,000 euros for the planning, relieving Grünheide of 300,000 euros.

There are 406 objections to the Tesla Giga Berlin. They are now being debated, the first public hearing is scheduled for September 23 in the Erkner town hall, announced the Ministry of the Environment in Potsdam on Thursday.

The public hearing gives critics the opportunity to talk to the licensing authority and the applicant. This is provided for by the provisions of the Federal Immission Control Act and the ordinance on the approval process.

Criticism of water consumption of Giga Berlin, clearing, and handling of animals

Currently, Tesla is building at its own risk with preliminary approvals. A first permanent facade on the drive train production hall - according to Tesla the heart of the factory - has already been built, the piles for the press shop are in the ground. The company showed this on Wednesday during a guided informative tour of the site.

Critics see, among other things, the public supply of drinking water because of the settlement in danger, but also criticize the clearing and the handling of animals on the site. The company now wants to reduce water consumption. Tesla claims that it needs 1.4 million cubic meters of water per year. "The water is there, it just has to come here," said the company spokesman. That is technically solvable.

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