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Tesla HW3 Retroffitng Underway for European Model 3 and Huge Order of Heat Pumps


Elon Musk says Tesla will soon begin hardware 3.0 upgrades for Model 3 in Europe and we are learning that Tesla orders 650,000 heat pumps for Model 3 and Model Y.

It looks like Tesla is really committed to expanding its FSD (Full Self-Driving) functionalities and is getting ready to retrofit hardware 3 in earlier Model 3s to make them ready for FSD.

Eva Fox from the has the details.

The HW3 retrofit will be available for electric vehicles equipped with HW2 and HW2.5, whose owners have purchased the company's Full Self-Driving package. The new computer (HW3) has been installed in all new Model S and Model X vehicles since March 2019 and in all-new Model 3 vehicles produced since April of that year.

For now, owners from regions such as Europe and Australia have not yet received the promised HW3 block. But this situation may soon change. A Model 3 owner from Europe asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk when the company will begin retrofitting Model 3 hardware in Europe. Musk replied that this should happen soon.

Torque News also learned from The TeslaMag and our friend Ray, who tweets at Ray4Tesla that Tesla may have ordered 650,000 heat pumps for Model 3 and Model y, apparently mostly in China.

The information from the air conditioning supplier Aotecar was discovered and translated by Tesla observers on Twitter. Tesla is not named in it directly but is described clearly enough as a well-known electric car manufacturer from North America that is active in China. And he obviously has a great need for heat pumps: 450,000 units per year were ordered for a first car (again, no names are mentioned), 200,000 for a second, for a total of 650,000 heat pumps per year.

Deliveries for the first model started this August, according to Aotecar data. Because the Tesla Model Y from Fremont has so far been equipped with a heat pump probably manufactured by Tesla itself, it should initially be about Model 3 from China. For this, a regular Tesla informant published a list of new features over the weekend that is to be implemented soon. The heat pump is also included, as well as other points such as an electric tailgate on the Tesla Model 3, about which there were rumors before.

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