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Mercedes Has Unveiled New EQS SUV Interior and Tesla Owners Want Features

Mercedes Benz EQS SUV Interior


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the all-electric EQS SUV interior. Full unveil will take place on April 19th. Now the Tesla owners see it and want some of the features.

Tesla blogger Sawyer Merrit shared the news about Mercedes EQS SUV Interior on his Twitter channel for his Tesla followers. Now, since the majority of the channel's followers are Tesla supporters, they started looking at this SUV from a Tesla perspective and comment from the respective angle.

For example, one person says Tesla needs to add ambient lights, just like Mercedes-Benz vehicles have. He says he would be content if Tesla at least adds the Mercedes-like ambient lights to its luxury Model S and Model X. Another person, Whole Mars Catalog blogger, notes that these new interior images of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS SuV show that the vehicle has very nice seats. But he notes that the infotainment and UI is last decade. Do you agree with that? I think they look decent.

Sawyer says Tesla should have a site where Tesla owners can request features and all owners can upvote their favorite requests/features. Similar to Tesla's earnings call questions process on SAY where the top voted questions get asked, every quarter the top owner voted feature would be made.

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