Jamie and 2015 Dodge Challenger
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Jamie's neighbors may not like this, but is it aggressive?


Jamie Judkins says her neighbors may not like her for this 2015 Dodge Challenger exhaust because their windows vibrate. However, it's not too aggressive, is it?

Here is Jamie in her own words telling the story of this Challenger.

I went in for an oil change on November 28, 2014 and I just had to go look at the new 2015 Dodge Challengers. I've always owned white cars but I love the green color on the Challenger. I previously owned a 2012 R/T Challenger. The dealer came up to me saying they just got a green one in and still had the plastic on the rims and had to be cleaned. I fell in love again. We went in and negotiated the price four times before I agreed to the payments. All the men were so jealous and happy for me when I drove off with that loud exhaust roaring.

My baby challenger has 485hp, 6.4 and a SRT engine!! It has heated and cooling seats and heated steering wheel. It has all the luxury and the speed that I could ever want. I can actually program my engine to sport mode to go faster! I made this video in my garage in TN. I'm sure my neighbors get tired of hearing it but I never do. I'm only 33 and I can't wait till this summer to show my Green Beast on the road.

Thank you
Jamie Judkins

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Sweet and mellow-hell,I would grab a few beers just to see and hear it!!

A girl like that is welcome in my neighborhood any time.
Naggy neighbor, not so much.