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How Much Made-in-Giga-Berlin Model Y May Cost

Here is how much we think the Model Y, made at Tesla Giga Berlin, will cost after you eliminate the 10% tariff, shipment and add the premium.

Several days ago Torque News received a letter from one of our European subscribers asking how much we think the price of the European Tesla Model Y, made at Giga Berlin will be and how much lower it will be compared to the Model Y shipped from the Fremont factory.

"I live in the EU and I am waiting for the prices of the Model Y to drop after Giga Berlin is up and running, then I pre-order a Model Y. It is still unclear to everyone how much the price might end up being (after removing shipping costs, import taxes, and so on). Would be great if you could gather information and speculate on the price," one of our Torque News subscribers asked me in an email.

In recent Tesla developments Brandenburg says it may not have enough skilled workers for Giga Berlin, Tesla plans to ship Model 3 vehicles from Giga Shanghai to Asia and Europe and an analysis of the Model Y pricing produced in Giga Berlin.

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