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Fremont Possibly Testing 1st Tesla Model Ys With Single Piece Rear Casting


A video drone from Gabeincal suggests that Tesla Model Y, produced in Fremont factory, may already be using a single-piece rear cast by Giga Press.

Eva Fox from the has the details.

The casting cell and first Giga Press have been assembled at the north end of the General Assembly building at the Fremont factory. The giant Casting Machine may have started production, and Model Y made with a single-piece rear cast may already be rolling off the assembly line.

In a new video from Gabeincal, the parts produced by Giga Press can be seen lying at a nearby building.

On September 9th, Tesmanian reported that around 20 solid parts produced by the Machine were seen near Giga Press. This time already around 40 units were seen here. It looks like their production is ongoing. However, it should be noted that this could still be trial production, and that these parts will be melted down and reused in the future.

The parking lots near the assembly line and the Giga Press are filled with Model Ys. Several hundred compact SUVs are located in a small part of the area that Gabeincal surveyed. We can also see that new ones are constantly arriving, which park in the parking lot or drive in other buildings.

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