I got my drivers license in my Mom's new 64' Dodge Dart 'GT' Convertible. She had traded in a 63' Lemans convertible for the Slant six Dodge hot rod with a push button automatic. I campaigned for the 4-speed, but it wasn't to be. But the car had some real torque.

Many years later I picked up a very nice 62' Valiant_Signet '200' 2-dr, hdtp (Black/Red) with the 225" aluminum six and the ram induction 'Hyper-Pak'. Fun car, wish I still had it, but it died when a power pole fell over it while parked, the result of a truck bus accident that ultimately involved my car.

Today I would love to find a Wagon to restore and drive.

Awesome. The wagons have different handling characteristics, though, because of their higher center of gravity. Of course, for an enthusiast looking for a car to restore and tool around in, that means little. :)

I always was a wagon/Long Roof guy, and love the quirky, but sporty looks of the 62' Valiant coupes and wagons.

Actually, I have a bit of a history with Dodge and Plymouth products Aaron, I just referenced the unmolested 'Slant Six' models, per your post.

Before I acquired the Hyper 62' Valiant, I had previously had a 62' Valiant coupe with a 440" and TorqueFlite that I installed for use as a street sleeper/weekend warrior.

I'm going to revisit that fun with a 65' Valiant coupe that I picked up recently, though, I will probably run a 340" with a 5-speed in the new iteration. It will look the part with its stock yellow and white paint, and dog dish hub caps. The stock rear wheels will be widened and that with its dual exhausts and V-8 rumble, will give some clues to its demeanor to the initiated.

My first street sleeper was a 58' Volvo 544 with a small block Ford V-8, but that was 46 years ago and there has been many since. The most recent a BMW 328is with an M5 V-8.

Nice. Most of my history is with off-road and trucks. I'm a cruiser and trail bumper, not a racer. My favorite was probably the 1973 International Traveall I had (393 V8), but I've had a good time in Ford, Toyota, Ram.. you name it. Even owned a Jeep Wrangler long enough to roll it down a hill and total it. :)