Hello Everyone,

Will be doing a story about Tesla planning to ship made in china Model 3 to other Asian countries and Europe

Subaru gets hit with a second lawsuit over defective fuel pumps

Fun Friday topic: A website called Compare the Market rendered mashed up versions of classic cars together and the results are "interesting"

A Funner Friday topic. Will Monica Lewinsky buy a Subaru or Tesla? Check out the banter on Twitter.

Brandenburg Unable To Meet Large Workforce Demand From Tesla Says Economy Minister

Breaking News: The Bronco Sasquatch will get a MT. The petition worked. So let's look at other petitions or other things we want to petition to happen to upcoming Ford vehicles.

Jimmy, congrats on the stick for the Sasquatch. In 2023 there's a new range-topper for the Bronco, the Raptor. Interesting times we live in, no?