Subaru scores 9 models with top safety picks in new 2021 IIHS awards

Using a Consumer Reports Green Report as basis and with all the buzz about getting rid of ICE vehicles for GM, I'm doing an opinion-related story on why it's premature and a mistake to jump too far ahead, too quickly.

Also, How Ford truck designers took the best attributes of previous F-150 Raptors to get the third-generation design just right

Bruce Meyers passed away last week at 94 years young. He was designer of the Meyers Manx and one of the West Coast car crazies of the 60s who came up with an iconic race called the Baja1000 that Ford's Bronco won in 1969. The Bronco also has had great success in the Baja over the last half-century. Incidentally, Mr. Meyers, a war hero, was a Renaissance man whose success is legendary. It's a remembrance.

Women's World Cars of the Year: if not for today, for early tomorrow.

2021 Ram 1500 Repeats as the Only Pickup to Win a Major Safety Award