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Ford To Fulfill 190,000 2021 Bronco Preorders First, Dealerships Likely Won’t Receive Any 2021 Broncos, Order Bank Opens January 20

On-the-lot availability of Ford Bronco will likely be pushed until 2022 model year while Ford focuses on fulfilling significant pre-orders first. 2021 Ford Bronco still on schedule for summer deliveries for those who preorder between January 20 and March 19. Bronco towing ability also revealed.

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The date many Bronco enthusiasts have waited two decades for is almost here. The order bank for the 2021 Ford Bronco two-door and four-door officially opens January 20. This after it was twice delayed causing some frustration and angst.

By all accounts no further delays in this process are imminent and it appears to be all systems go. Ford claims to have 190,000 pre-orders for either the two-door or four door Bronco. Those 190,000 people will be able to turn those into actual orders starting January 20 and have until March 19 to work out their build and price with their dealer.

Production will then begin with an expected delivery of this summer, fulfilling a major promise Ford made when it came to the Bronco. Along the way, Ford had a few stumbles when it came to the Bronco launch, mostly due to the pandemic, so it was understandable and forgivable.

From what I see and hear from enthusiasts they have been incredibly patient along the way. Now that it’s “go time” the excitement is building.

2021 is such a pivotal year for Ford Motor Company with the return of the iconic Bronco, but also the arrival of the Mustang Mach-E along with the 14th-generation Ford F-150.

Trying to launch so many products in the middle of a global pandemic has challenges, but honestly Ford has done an admirable of handling the inevitable delays. We reported that Ford even sent a letter to those who had pre-ordered the Bronco explaining the delay and offering a $300 credit toward accessories.

2021 Ford Bronco Four-DoorHow Does The Ford Bronco Order Process Work?
Starting Wednesday, January 20, the 190,000 or so who pre-ordered a Bronco with a dealer, or through Ford’s website will be able to actually convert that to an order. They will work through their preferred or selected Ford dealer to work up the build, which includes all trims, colors, and accessories.

And of course this means actually working through the financing and final cost.

Customers have until March 19 to convert their orders and finalize their financing deals. Starting in May, those customers will be notified about their estimated completion date which has a number of variables and determinations. It’s at this point where some frustrations could kick in as depending on the trim and the dealer allotment (which can vary vastly) the customer may have to wait well into the summer for actual delivery.

However, Ford feels confident that both two-door and four-door Broncos will be delivered during the summer of 2021, for those 190,000 who are part of the pre-order process. That last part is key.

Ford Bronco interior manual transmissionWhen Will The Ford Bronco Arrive on Dealer Lots?
Here’s the sticky part of this process. Ford will (rightfully) cater to the 190,000 pre-orders first which likely pushes on-the-lot Broncos off until 2022 and the 22 model year.

So this means if you didn’t place a pre-order and still want a two-door or four-door Ford Bronco, you will have to wait until 2022. Additionally, as we’ve reported certain builds and options will have production delays, even for those who pre-ordered.

Those include the Sasquatch Package with the seven-speed manual transmission and the Shadow Black hard top option as well. If either of those are part of your pre-order, you may still have to wait until 2022 to receive your Bronco. But you can change your choices still through March 19 if you want delivery this year.

You may just have to compromise, or else wait.

2021 Ford Bronco two-door off-roadWhat Is The Towing Capacity Of The 2021 Ford Bronco?
For those who may want to use their Bronco to pull an ATV while out off-roading, the Bronco will have some towing capability.

Information released by Ford shows that a maximum towing rating of 3,500 pounds in both two-door and four-door Broncos for both the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine and the 2.7-liter Ecoboost engine in both manual and automatic transmission.

However, in order to achieve this you’d have to include the Trailer Tow Package which is option code 53Q.

Refer to the chart below for full towing details.

2021 Ford Bronco towing chart

I want to hear from Bronco enthusiasts. Are you getting excited? Did the delays cause you frustrations or are you willing to wait to get your Bronco if you missed out on the pre-orders. Leave me your comments below.

Jimmy Dinsmore has been an automotive journalist for more than a decade and been a writer since the high school. His Driver’s Side column features new car reviews and runs in several newspapers throughout the country. He is also co-author of the book “Mustang by Design” and “Ford Trucks: A Unique Look at the Technical History of America’s Most Popular Truck”. Also, Jimmy works in the social media marketing world for a Canadian automotive training aid manufacturing company. Follow Jimmy on Facebook, Twitter, at his special Ford F-150 coverage on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can read the most of Jimmy's stories by searching Torque News Ford for daily Ford vehicle report.

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D (not verified)    January 24, 2021 - 8:47PM

Waiting patiently. Sold my 2016 Jeep JKU that was going to need it’s 3rd Transmission to make room in my garage. Praying quality is better but just converted my 4 Door Badlands from preorder to order status. Had to drop a few features because I’m not waiting until 2022

CJ (not verified)    February 9, 2021 - 9:54PM

I converted my reservation to order on the 28th. I'm getting Area 51 Wild Trak with high package and tow package. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes...

Robert Carroll (not verified)    March 2, 2021 - 9:58AM

I ordered my outer bank’s Bronco the first week of February with all the bells and whistles. I had a new 1972 Bronco sport wish I still had it. Getting excited as each day passes to receive my new one.

Cindy Garza (not verified)    March 24, 2021 - 1:26PM

I'm willing to wait. Although, I am very excited for my Bronco - I hope this is worth the wait. I ordered the 4 door - Wild Trak with Sasquatch package color Area 51.

Brian W (not verified)    April 7, 2021 - 6:53PM

I converted my badlands order on the 19th of March and just finalized options today.. Carbonized Gray with the Lux package, Sasquatch and upgraded to 2.7L engine. I just heard from Ford they will have 2 Broncos for people to look at at a special event May our area. Will actually get to see one before getting mine. That will be nice.