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What You Need To Know About Green Bean Battery Replacement For Your Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius hybrid battery failure? Never fear, Green Bean is here. Get surprising good customer service from one of the nations largest hybrid battery rebuilders.


When it comes time to replace your hybrid battery, many voices will fight for your attention. One company called Green Bean (I have no idea how they came up with that name) has been doing a great job helping save Prius owners from the grasp of the high dollar dealer.

Green Bean For Prius; One Possible Alternative
Battery failure is not scary to those who experience it. It is horrifying. Most Prius owners know that if the hybrid battery goes belly up, it can cost a fat stack of cash to get it going again. This problem is one of the reasons I preach preventative maintenance, but that is for another discussion.

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries For Toyota Prius

Green Bean batteries are a hybrid battery rebuilder They repair the batteries properly and resell them at a significantly lower cost than a new battery from the dealer. Having this option can be a make it or break it deal when the battery does finally give up the ghost.

If you are looking to get one installed, just check out their website that will help get you the top notch service you need to get your Prius up and running again.

Green Bean stands out to many Prius owners because of the Lifetime warranty they have with each battery install. Hey, if I did not know what I know about hybrid batteries, this would look enticing to me too. The cool thing about it is that you can transfer the warranty. That says a ton about how Green Bean is willing to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Green Bean Lifetime Warranty
Green Bean will replace your hybrid battery if it fails. However, you need to read into what their lifetime means for you. Make sure you read and understand the warranty for yourself.

Green Bean has however gone above and beyond for some customers when their replacement has had issues. Again, a great example of good customer service.

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries For Toyota Prius

If you can provide evidence that your hybrid battery from Green Bean has indeed failed, then they will come out and replace it with another.

Green Bean warranty only applies to failure of the battery if the Prius sets a P0A80 trouble code which is, replace the hybrid battery. If your Prius does not set that code, you will not get a replacement, and you are out of luck.

Again, I think Green Bean is doing the right thing for the environment and reusing batteries. This action helps keep them out of landfills and other places. Green Bean has a high ranking review, and most Prius owners love how their car feels like new afterwords.

Every Prius owner will have a different experience if they choose to use this company. I would suggest making sure you know the full details of the warranty.

I hope this helps and have a great day. I look forward to seeing you in the next story. Will Toyota Build A Hybrid Tundra That Can Compete With Tesla, Rivian And Others?

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Odie (not verified)    July 24, 2020 - 12:45PM

I’d rather pay $150 for a tow and know in the back of my mind that a new replacement will be on the way free of charge. The only concern I have is the longevity of the company and if they are offering lifetime warranties knowing full well that they will soon be out of business