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What You Need To Know About Green Bean Battery Replacement For Your Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius hybrid battery failure? Never fear, Green Bean is here. Or is it? Here are some tips that can help you make an informed decision on a replacement battery for your Prius.

When it comes time to replace your hybrid battery, many voices will fight for your attention. One company called Green Bean (I have no idea how they came up with that name) has been doing a great job at marketing.

I want to take a further look into Green Bean and what they are offering all Prius owners when they get a "new" battery. I will also cover their "lifetime" warranty and what people are saying about the experience.

Green Bean For Prius; One Possible Alternative
Battery failure is not scary to those who experience it. It is horrifying. Most Prius owners know that if the hybrid battery goes belly up, it can cost a fat stack of cash to get it going again. This problem is one of the reasons I preach preventative maintenance, but that is for another discussion.

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries For Toyota Prius

Green Bean batteries are a hybrid battery rebuilder. They take in used, and abused batteries, then fix them and resell . They have installers located all over the United States and can do most jobs within a couple of hours or less.

Green Bean stands out to many Prius owners because of the "Lifetime" warranty they have with each battery install. Hey, if I did not know what I know about hybrid batteries, this would look enticing to me too. Many Prius owners fall for it as well.

The Green Bean "Lifetime" Warranty
Green Bean will replace your hybrid battery if it fails. However, you need to read into what their "lifetime" means for you. The fine print is something I feel that many Prius owners are failing to understand because they think that the word lifetime will cover everything. I hate to break the news to you, but you are not 100% covered.

In their own words from their website, they state "If you believe that you have a battery failure, you must have the trouble codes read & provide us a copy. We do not pay for diagnostics, towing, or any other fee incident to a battery failure."

Not a huge deal, right? What if you have to pay for a tow to a shop? $100-200 roughly. Then you have to pay for diagnostics (Autozone code reader will not suffice, you have to have a statement) Another $125 for the diagnostic. So now you are out a couple of hundred bucks. Was that the problem area or not?

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries For Toyota Prius

If you can provide evidence that your hybrid battery from Green Bean has indeed failed, then they will come out and replace it with another. But you are still on the hook from the diagnostic and towing fee, and maybe other hidden things your mechanic finds too.

So what about the other fees? What if the battery blows up and ruins the part of your car? Not covered. What if the battery overheated because the fan was not cleaned out. Not covered. These are things that need to be brought up when the battery is installed, so the customer knows what items are not covered by warranty. But they are not.

Green Bean warranty only applies to failure of the battery if the Prius sets a P0A80 trouble code which is, replace the hybrid battery. If your Prius does not set that code, you will not get a replacement, and you are out of luck.

What Some Prius Owners Have Gone Through
I hope that I do not sound like I am bashing Green Bean. I think that they do provide an affordable service for Prius owners, and overall, I like the company. However, one should not turn a blind eye to some of the issues that should have you all worried.

I have had several Prius owners reach out to me complaining about their Green Bean battery failure and warranty hardships. One owner specifically only had the battery in the Prius for about two weeks before it failed. Others that have contacted me have seen a month or two before failure.

Each owner relayed to me what a hassle it was for them even to come out and see the car when it had a failure. That, to me, seems like inferior customer service.

Again, I think Green Bean is doing the right thing for the environment and reusing batteries. This action helps keep them out of landfills and other places. Not all customers have a terrible experience with this company either. Green Bean has a high ranking review, and most Prius owners love how their car feels like new afterwords.

Every Prius owner will have a different experience if they choose to use this company. I would suggest making sure you know the full details of the warranty before you get sold on something that "seemed like a good idea at the time."

I hope this helps and have a great day. I look forward to seeing you in the next story. Will Toyota Build A Hybrid Tundra That Can Compete With Tesla, Rivian And Others?

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