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I Want To Ditch My 8,500 Miles Offroad Toyota Tundra For 1794 Edition Luxury, But Regret The Loss of TRD Package

This pickup truck owner is facing a dilemma whether to trade in his current 2023 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Off-Road for a discounted 2023 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition.

Today I came across an interesting discussion in the Toyota Tundra Enthusiasts group, in which one 2023 Tundra owner with the TRD Offroad package was talking about facing a tough choice, which involves a trade-in.

Forum member Worksjo, who owns a 2023 Tundra SR5 Off-Road, writes:

So I’ve got the 2023 SR5 with TRD Off-Road premium package (ie. the nicer seats etc...) in lunar rock and 6.5’ bed. My Tundra has only 8,500 miles on it.

My local dealer just posted a really good deal on a previous model year 2023: 1794 Edition Tundra, 5.6’ bed ,non TRD Off-Road package for what would be a $7000-$8000 net difference after trade sale of mine.

I’ll assume you guys understand what the upgrades are without listing them, the only downgrade would be the loss of the TRD Off-Road package. I’m pretty indifferent to a lot of the upgrades, but I wouldn’t ignore any of them. I’ve done wheels, tires and running boards on mine that could be swapped over for no net loss.

So what would you do?

Worksjo also clarified in a comment, that he paid cash for his 2023 truck and have no current payment. He says he would probably finance this upgrade for a short time, which is fine now, "but going from no payment to some payment sucks." He also says that he bought the Toyota extended warranty very cheaply, and hopes it could be swapped over or cashed out and rebought, but might cost a little too.

Do you think he can do that? Or what would you recommend Worksjo to do? Please, after reading this article, click the red link below to write your comment and join the discussion.

Well, what can I say? 

Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide. There is an upside of tradingin for the 1794 Edition Tundra and and downsides.

The upside is the 1794 Tundra's luxury features. The 1794 edition is known for its premium interior and additional comfort features you might enjoy.

The downsides of trading in include the loss of TRD Off-road capability of his current 2023 Toyota Tundra and downgraded bed size.

If you use your truck for off-roading, the TRD package provides important features you'd be giving up.

The 1794 edition has a 5.6' bed compared to your current 6.5' bed, potentially impacting cargo space.

There are additional factors that Worksjo should consider before making a decision on his dillema.

  • How important are the off-road capabilities to you? If you rarely go off-road, the trade-in might be worthwhile.
  • Can you live with the smaller bed size? Consider how much cargo space you typically need.
  • Have you test driven the 1794? See if the luxury features outweigh the missing off-road functionalities for you.

Also consider that he will have to pay the $7,000-$8,000 net difference after the trade in and go from non-payment to a short time financing. I personally think that you should only buy a car that you can afford. Buy a used car that you can afford and don't get into a new dept. 

This deal might seem tempting at first glance, but there are a few things to consider to make sure it's the right move for you.

Since you already own your truck outright and have that awesome extended warranty (which from what I understand can't come with you to the new truck), trading in might not be the most financially sound option. Think about it - with taxes, fees, and everything else added on, that $7-$8k difference could easily balloon to over $10k!

Sure, the new Tundra might look a little flashier, but you'd be losing the TRD off-road package you already love. Plus, consider all the truck adventures you could have with that extra cash!

Instead of trading in, why not invest the $8k? Think about adding a bit extra each month, like $1k, and watch it grow over time. With a good interest rate (like the ones they're offering right now!), you could have a whopping $78k (and growing!) in just 5 years. That's over $10k you'd earn just in interest! Pretty sweet, right?

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities. If the off-road capability and larger bed are crucial, then keeping your current truck might be best. However, if you prioritize luxury features and the price difference is tempting, the 1794 edition could be a good deal. What do you think readers?

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Craig Benson (not verified)    May 14, 2024 - 5:14PM

It's the same truck. Basically, lol, add a level kit and you will never know the difference.

Brandon O'Dell (not verified)    May 14, 2024 - 5:16PM

The SR5 is basically the base trim level (SR doesn't really count) and the 1794 Edition Tundra is loaded luxury. You can't really compare the two, even with some of the upgrade packages on the SR5. Some of the things you just can't get.

Bulak Alifakoglu (not verified)    May 14, 2024 - 9:51PM

Get the truck you want because you can always upgrade your truck's suspension on your own afterwards.

Ryan (not verified)    May 15, 2024 - 7:45AM

I think that car makers have gotten carried away with options. I personally own a TRD offroad package and think it has too many options that aren't necessary for a vehicle. Why do we need an app these days to start or observe our vehicle info? Just more technical items to fail. Please consider going back to simple vehicle options that will hold up in the long run.