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Treat Your Toyota Prius With Protection This Valentines Day

Do not get caught with your guard down this Valentine's day. Treat that Prius owner in your life right by showing them you care about their protection.

Catalytic converter theft has not slowed down at all. In fact, it has been increasing more every day. In New York, Pennsylvania, and other east coast states, there have been massive spikes in the theft.

Law enforcement and the owners of other repair institutions are urging Toyota Prius owners to get themselves protected. With all this recent news about converter theft, and products like Cat Security™ are making a massive impression.

The owner of Cat Security™ has reached to me and asked if I share a message from the company. He would like all Prius owners to know that he started this company to keep the hardworking Prius owner safe. He had witnessed first hand the impact it made on a customer of his when she had to replace her converter twice.

At the expense of $5,000, this completely wiped out anything she had saved for a rainy day. She was grateful that this company had come up with a solution to a massive problem that robs good people of hard-earned money.

Amidst all this, turmoil Cat Security™ would like to offer all Prius owners another discount to get themselves protected against the disease of converter theft. Here is how you can get protected and even save yourself some money this Valentine's day.

Find A Toyota Dealer Near You That Carries The Product
San Fransisco Toyota sought out Cat Security™ to help aid Prius owners with the barrage of theft. They and other dealers in California and Oregon have signed up to carry the product because they believe it is an answer to many who fear for their pocketbooks.

San Fransisco Toyota Sells Cat Security

Check out their website to schedule an appointment for your Prius. Most shields are installed the same day within an hour.

Find An Independent Shop Near You
Not big on going to a dealership? No worries, with over a dozen other muffler and repair facilities, carry Cat Security™ you can find the solution and personalized service you are looking to find.

Atomic Auto Portland Oregon Sells Cat Security

To find an installer near you be sure to check out, to find out where installers are located in your area. Most are currently found in California, but new shops are added all the time.

Down For Some DIY? Get A Shield On Sale Right Now
Nothing says I Love You like a job well done. If you want to let the DIYer inside yourself out, now is a great time to pick up a shield. Cat Security™ is offering for this week a promo code for all online orders. Log on to and enter promo code Valentine25 at checkout to get $25 off your brand spanking new catalytic converter shield.

You will feel safe knowing that your Prius is protected with the number one catalytic theft deterrent on the market specifically designed for Toyota Prius. Thank me later, and stay tuned for some upcoming news from San Fransisco Toyota.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day and show that Prius of yours some serious love. Be sure to check out what San Francisco Toyota is doing to help its customers fight catalytic converter theft.

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