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Toyota Prius V Owner Gives Over 22 Cats An Extra Life During A Rescue

Not all heroes wear capes, this one of those situations. See what this Prius V owner did to help rescue cats and how many carriers she fit in her car (and how much cat litter). I could not believe it until I saw the pictures. Check it out.

Becka is no ordinary Toyota Prius V owner. She is a superhero but not for people. Becka found a way to leverage using her Toyota Prius V to help rescue felines that have become neglected. Here is her story of how she added some extra lives to these furry friends.

2014 Toyota Prius V With Cats We Are Not A Rescue, We Just Rescue Cats
When I saw the pictures posted on Facebook of Becka and her Prius V filled with cat carriers, I had to reach out to her. I was curious about what was going on and even more curious about how many haulers fit inside the Prius V she was driving.

Becka is a warm, kind individual that loves the versatility of the Prius V because it helps her to rescue cats that are neglected for whatever reason. She says that she and a friend (Abigail) are just two people that get alerted when there are cats that need help. She says they are not a rescue but only two people who rescue cats.

2014 Toyota Prius V with cat carriers

No matter how you put it, both of these two ladies deserve some serious recognition for the work they are doing. The cat rescue they most recently did had over 22 cats that needed help. She said that there were some horrifying things she saw when going into the house. She felt good that she and her friend could get these cats to a better place.

The Toyota Prius V To The Rescue
What attracted me to this story was two things. The fact that there were cats that needed saving and how many carriers fit inside a Prius V. She also stuffed an insane amount of kitty litter in the Prius.

You can see from the pictures here that Becka had fit 14 carriers and 300 lbs of litter inside this fantastic machine. What a cool vehicle to help save the lives of some furry felines and still help keep our carbon footprint low as well.

2014 Toyota Prius V hauls 14 Cat Carriers Conclusion
Good thing the Toyota Prius has such a great engine and track record. Becka and Abigail are doing amazing things with rescuing these cats.

They are simply two ladies who are taking care of cats that need help. In talking with Becka, she expressed to me how hard it can be to do this. They are very underfunded and have a Facebook page dedicated to donations to help their cause. Right now, they only have about $150 per cat when they need $300 -$500 per cat to take care of them properly. Find their page here, and please donate to the cause of cats. I look forward to seeing you in the next story, Samsung Could Give Toyota Prius Prime Tesla-Like Distance With Their New Battery.

These kind actions are what we strive for over at Green Car Movement on Facebook. We will also be running a promotional T-shirt to help raise funds for their cause too. Be sure to check us out and join the movement.

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