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This Toyota Prius Owner Finds A Mud Hole Rather Satisfying

I like my Prius for how inexpensive it is to own and operate. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do. This Prius owner has her own expectations from her car and it is great. Check it out.

When I think of what a Toyota Prius is, I think of eco-friendly, fuel-efficient, and affordable. The last thing that I think of is a rugged off-road mud wheeling mobile. That is not what this Prius owner had in mind.

Check out a few shots from this off-road warrior who takes owning a Prius to a whole new level. Here are the photos of where this third-gen Prius has been and how the owner owns it.

Toyota Prius Driving Through A Mud Hole
A weekend of fun is different for everyone. This Prius owner found joy in a local mud hole. This venture was not without trouble. Getting stuck in the mud was not part of the original plan, but it did make for some great pictures. I think this should be a new series on Top Gear about How To Kill A Toyota Prius.

2013 Toyota Prius Not Stuck In The MudThe Mud Aftermath
Every good thing must come to an end, and sadly even taking your Prius off-road does too. As an off-roader myself, I know what it is like to clean up after. It seems impossible to get the mud off, and you are left wondering how it even landed in those spots. Good thing Prius is so durable.

2013 Toyota Prius After Going Through MudOff-road And Prius Do Not Go Together
While I am of the firm opinion you can do what you want with your car; I do not think I would ever take my Prius in a mud hole. This owner knows that a Prius in a mud hole is pretty taboo.

2013 Toyota Prius After Mud Run

The best part about knowing that is she owns it.

While this is not the craziest thing I have ever seen a Prius do, it certainly is something that catches attention. Have fun taking your Prius in the mud.

Thank you for reading, please be sure to to check out my next story. Will the second-gen Prius go up in price because it is the best generation?

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