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Toyota Prius "Flickering" Headlights Cause and Repair

If your Toyota Prius with HID lights has the infamous "flickering", here is what you need to do about it.


Generation 2 Toyota Prius is still one of the most popular hybrids on the market today. The resale value is at an all-time high, and most of them on the road are running with minimal issues.

Some of these beautiful hybrids came with High-Intensity Discharge or HID headlights from the factory. This was before LED technology became as good as it is today.

The bad thing about HID lights is when they go out, and the warning signs can be confusing. This article will cover what you need to look for and how you can replace your lights for a fraction of what the dealer charges.

What Happens When HID Lights Start To Fail?
The "flickering" effect found on Gen 2 Prius is a sign that the bulbs used are starting to fail. It is a way that the car signals to you, "send help" in an SOS-type manner.

The bulbs do not fail immediately as halogen ones do, but they will if left unattended. That is where most Prius owners get into trouble, leaving them alone.

How To Fix It For Cheap
The hardest part is getting the headlight out. In this video by The Hybrid Guy, he shows how to remove the headlight easily and fast.

All you need to do at that point is then replace the headlight with a D4S Bulb that can be found at your local auto parts store or online.

As the days get shorter, you will be using your headlights more often. Be sure you have adequate light and that your bulbs are not suffering from a flickering disease.

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