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Toyota Mirai Owners; There Is No Fuel And We Want Out Of These Cars

If you think running out of battery is a bad thing, at least you could plug in almost anywhere. Hydrogen, that game is getting ugly and fast, and Toyota Mirai owners are tired of playing it.

Range anxiety is not just for EV owners. And even now, it is not so much an issue, but you know what is? Hydrogen.

Toyota Mirai owners are reporting massive hydrogen outages, and Toyota has not said anything about how it will help take care of their promising technology. Here is what we know so far.

Toyota Mirai HFCV: The Future?
Mirai in Japanese loosely means the future. Ironically, this "future technology" is falling short of the mark. Mirai is a promising hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that gives petroleum-like fueling time and around 300+ miles of range.

A concept now turned reality has given the world a view of technology and even some a different kind of transportation altogether.

The issue is not the technology though, it is the infrastructure. Just ask the Mirai owners who are now suffering from almost no places to refuel.

Hydrogen Stations: Big Trouble In Little Tokyo
I love everything about the hydrogen idea. I love the range, the economy, the fact that hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth, and that the tailpipe emissions are water. Everything about the car is awesome, EXCEPT.

The infrastructure needed to fuel the cars is almost non-existent. To make matters worse, the limited stations are on the fritz stranding Mirai owners who simply want to enjoy their alternative fuel vehicles.

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

Most of the stations are offline due to no hydrogen being available, but that is not even the worst of it. Currently, the way hydrogen is produced is from natural gas reformation. This wildly high energy process makes it very costly to "strip" hydrogen down and store it.

The energy required makes it difficult to process and puts far more strain on the California power grid (if rolling blackouts were not already enough.)

Toyota needs to get it together if hydrogen cars are part of the future they have dreamt about. I have driven them and love the idea, but it needs to get some backing behind it fast, or it will lose all possibility of becoming mainstream,

That is all for today. When you have customers asking to get out of the car they are in, you know that there is a problem. I hope the Mirai owners out there get the help they deserve.

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This is incorrect information .I have Mirai and drive 100 miles every day for 2.5 years.
That is good news! Taking delivery of mine in a few days....
Please don't link to an outdated article, as has been done with the sentence: "Just ask the Mirai owners who are now suffering from almost no places to refuel."
This is a hit piece intended to discourage FCV adoption. WHERE was the outage? Where are the links to news reports?
I drove to Bay Area last weekend. Every hydrogen Station was offline. Some said limited, and there was min 1 hour wait when trying to get hydrogen. Everyone in line said this has been this way for a while now. I had to go to 7 stations and then wait an hour - also it didn’t fill up my tank all the way and I barely got home. This needs to be fixed. In SoCal it is much better.
I owned the car for over a year, it has been a Nightmare. Hydrogen stations are VERY limited, broken, or out of fuel. Kinda like the oil crisis in the 70s, but year round. I had to wait 90 mins in line to fill, rarely do I fill with no one in line. Before you buy this car, go look at the stations to see the lines and talk to an owner.
We are frustrated that Toyota won’t buy back the Mirai. Is there a lawsuit started yet?
Anyone know if there is Class Action Lawsuit on this issue, us Mirai owners got sold on a technology that is not supported by the Gov, Car Manufacture, etc, many of us are stuck with a $40K paper weight that can't be drive due a lack of fuel, broken fuel station, and over 1 hour wait for refueling. There is a crisis with owning a Hydro car.