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Play It Safe, Upgrade Your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery With Proven Technology

Ever thought of doing a DIY lithium install on your Toyota Prius? Before you do that remember how dangerous it can be and consider there are better options out there. Here are the details.

I cannot tell you how many YouTube videos I have seen where people DIY or hack together lithium packs for their Toyota hybrids.

I came across something recently that just nearly caused me to have a heart attack. The picture below shows what an untrained but curious Prius owner is trying to accomplish with installing lithium into their car. I want to cover why most people should not attempt this kind of an install and what you can rely on.

Why You Should Not Put Just Any Lithium Battery In Your Prius
Installing any lithium without researching what type it is can be deadly. Lithium-ion, if short, will get thermal runaway and cause massive fires. It will destroy just about everything in its path until all the energy has escaped.

Hack work lithium pack fire hazard

Lithium has many forms, and not all of them are the same. Lithium-ion and Lithium Polymer are two of the worst culprits for thermal management. They are most likely to catch fire unless there are sufficient safety measures in place.

Putting together a lithium-Ion or Polymer pack in that manner is a deadly combination, and I highly recommend not doing that.

What Can Be Done To Upgrade Your Prius With Lithium
Currently, there is only one solution to upgrading your Prius battery safely from NiMH to lithium. NexPower Energy has put together a 7-year battle-tested kit that offers Toyota hybrid owners an opportunity to fall in love with their hybrid all over again.

Project Lithium has injection-molded direct replacement modules that take the place of 2 regular NiMH modules. They are lighter, more energy-dense, and directly fit with no worries about crazy wiring or potential fire issues.

Lithium pack from NexPower Energy

They use a safe and well-tested LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) that is safe and affordable for consumers. It does not "off-gas" like NiMH does and runs cooler. It is 97% efficient compared to NiMH, so all that heat is used for the car instead of going to waste.

The hard work of "doing it yourself" is completed. The packs are available for Camry and Prius, with more packs coming on the horizon. If you think this is some sort of "fairy dust" or that the packages do not provide more bang for your buck, think again.

In 7 years, with over 500,000 miles of testing, the pack has given beta testers an eye-opening experience of how good they are. I have personally installed several of these packs, and each owner has happily reported back the same results.

Better acceleration, better fuel economy, and a price that did not break the bank. If you are curious about these batteries, you can read more on them here.

Thank you all for reading, and if you want to save your hybrid, there are better roads. Time is money, and trying and reinvent the wheel may not be your best option.

Remember, Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story.

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"Currently, there is only one solution to upgrading your Prius battery safely from NiMH to lithium. NexPower Energy..." So are you saying this battery system is the only lithium option or is it the only "safe" option compared to those from newpriusbatteries.com? They don't clearly list their battery chemistry so its not clear if the Project Lithium is addressing newpriusbatteries or are somehow unaware of the competitor.
I now understand that newpriusbatteries does not use lithium. Instead they supply nickel metal hydride like Toyota.