2021 Toyota Prius Limited Edition Super Sonic Red
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One Amazing Tip For 4th Generation Toyota Prius Owners

Do you know what I love? A good easter egg hunt. Here is one cool feature I bet you did not know existed on your Toyota Prius 2016 and up.

Sometimes the most remarkable features of our cars are the ones we do not even know about. As I was perusing the interwebs, I came across a Toyota Prius owner who had great news on this very subject.

What On Earth Is This Hidden Feature?
Have you ever come out to your Prius on a hot day and thought to yourself, I wish I could roll all the windows down at the same time? Have no fear; today, your wish is granted.

The process for this nifty trick is relatively simple. Once the "secret" feature is enabled, grab your key fob and test it out. Press and hold the unlock button and watch as all the windows roll down at once to your utmost satisfaction.

2021 Toyota Prius Limited Edition Super Sonic Red

Still not enough? Press and hold the lock button. All the windows will roll up without you breaking a sweat—a pretty darn neat feature. I certainly wish my Gen 2 had cool things like this.

Short and sweet, yes. I wanted to give all my readers a little something extra today so you can learn how to love your Toyota Prius just that much more.

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