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Donut Media Supports Cat Security Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Shields

In the world of automotive media, Donut media takes its content very seriously. In one of their most recent videos they highlight catalytic converter theft, and here is what they say to do about it.


What do Donut Media and catalytic converter theft have in common? Well, according to Donut, it is terrible, and I wholeheartedly agree. In one of their most recent videos, Nolan Sykes dives into the complex world that is catalytic converter theft.

This article will cover what they say about it and how to get your vehicle protected.

Catalytic Converter Theft Is Still Rampant
The precious metals in catalytic converters are what thieves are after. Stealing a catalytic converter and scrapping it can yield some pretty big bucks at the right scrap yard.

Most catalytic converter theft happens within a few minutes and ends up costing the owner of the vehicle hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

What Can Be Done About It?
In a recent video by the crafty makers over at Donut, YouTube video star Nolan Sykes presents how catalytic converter theft is a massive problem. In true Donut Media fashion, he makes it rather hilarious while watching.

While Donut Media is great for comic relief (and some pretty helpful information), they also hit home on a big topic. The best part about it is they give actual reasonable solutions for people.

Donut Media supports the use of Cat Security the original cat shield

I had followed catalytic converter theft since the inception of the Cat Security shield back in October 2019. I know this story very well and can say that if Donut Media says buy this product, they have done their homework.

Donut media specifically chose the original cat shield, Cat Security, to showcase in their video, which tells me more people need to know about it.

Catalytic converter theft is still a significant issue, and I want to personally thank the team over at Donut Media for helping #savethecats. Together we can help stop converter theft and help keep our air clean and money in your pocket.

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