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The Creators Of Dr. Prius Support Prolong Products And You Should Too

If you have been on the fence about battery reconditioning, think again. Here is what the creators of Dr. Prius have said about the use of the Hybrid Automotive Prolong system and what it can do for your Prius.


It seems every time I roll out a story where I intend to help Prius owners take care of their hybrid battery; the haters come in droves. Does it seem like no one wants to get help with their Prius and save money? I suppose so; I mean throwing money away is what Prius is all about, right? Wrong. Prius is here to keep that hard-earned cash in our pockets for more frivolous things like lattes, or trips to natural grocers.

So if Pete, The Hybrid Guy, cannot convince you that maintaining your hybrid battery is completely necessary, then who can? How about the designers of one of the most popular hybrid battery testing apps, Dr. Prius. That is right, my friends, the Dr. Prius team wants you to know their dark secret that has been proven to keep your hybrid battery alive longer and cost you less in repairs over time. Here is what you need to know about the endorsement Dr. Prius is giving the Hybrid Automotive Prolong Hybrid Battery Reconditioning system.

Prolong Was Built With Science
The creators of Dr. Prius are literal gurus when it comes to hybrids. Rumor has it they even have had sushi with one of the chief engineers from Toyota, but that is for another discussion. I do believe that they have worked for Toyota in some respect, to what level I am not completely certain. Either way, these dudes know their stuff when it comes to the Toyota Hybrid System and how it works. I trust them, and who wouldn't, crazy people that is who.

Prolong Consumer Line Prius Battery Reconditioning Equipement

The Dr. Prius team knows that to know how to repair something, one must first understand how it works. Ignorance was never bliss, and in the case of Prius owners, knowledge is power. Nickel Metal Hydride is a battery that is subject to memory wear, or voltage depressions. It is a fact of life, this technology has been studied for over two decades now, and the results are p, you will lose battery capacity over time due to these factors. That is why the Dr. Prius team built the app they did, so people can know when to expect to change a battery, or how to Prolong the life of it.

Dr. Prius Supports Prolong Hybrid Equipment

The Prolong system was developed by an engineer named Jeff. He is a nice guy, and I have been allowed to work with him directly. His products are second to none, honestly. Jeff developed his Prolong system when his Honda Insight battery went south. As an engineer, he was driven to find a solution to help overcome the cost of the battery replacement. He dove in and spend countless hours of research and development until he came up with what we know today as the Prolong hybrid battery reconditioning system.

Jeff has spent loads of time, money, and other resources, including working with the Dr. Prius team to bring hybrid consumers a quality product anyone with a hybrid can use. Even people who are not familiar with their car can still learn his tool and save big over time. The kit is literally less than half the cost of a GOOD refurbished battery.

Science and engineering built this tool. The Dr. Prius Team has proven that it works. In their own words, they found out that charging was only part of the equation. "The Prolong system gave us new information on how to balance and restore lost battery capacity properly." What else do you need?

The Haters
There is always opposition to anything good. I came to terms with that a long time ago. I have found out that no matter what you try and help people do, others will try and find a way to rain on your parade. Now is the Prolong system the only way you can recondition your battery? No, there are many ways you can do it. This is where the DIY "researcher" says that the Prolong system is a waste of money. To that I say, I am glad you figured out a way to maintain and repair your battery, not everyone is like you.

Prolong hybrid battery charger installed in Prius

The thing that haters do not understand is that their way is not the only way and also is not the only correct way. Sure, they probably did it for "cheaper," but it also took them 2 to 3 times as long too. Not everyone who has a hybrid has that kind of time. Plus, I do not want to pull my battery out of the car every six months to do that process. Maybe they do, and that works for them. The key here is there is more than one way to repair a battery.

The genius of the Prolong system is that once the harness is installed, you have a straightforward process to follow. It is so easy that if you can turn a shower on at your friends' house, you can use this product. Make sure you pick up the Carista tool as well to help you use the DR. Prius App.

Here is the deal. The Dr. Prius team has stated that the use of the Prolong system will, in fact, freshen up your aging battery and breathe new life into it. You can easily double the expected mileage out of it by using the system. It was made for anyone who is even remotely familiar with their Prius or other hybrids.

Yes, you can do it cheaper, yes the equipment is an investment, but you are going to get reliable results from doing it. Haters gon' hate, and I say let em' do it. You, on the other hand, are a smart Prius owner and can keep your car on the road longer for less money.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you in the next article. New Facebook Page Gives Toyota Prius Owners A Chance To Win A New Hybrid

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