The best tire for your Toyota Prius Prime is a nokian winter tire
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3 Reasons You Should Run Nokian Snow Tires On Your Toyota Prius Prime

When it comes to cold weather driving, you want to be prepared. Nokian is an amazing tire company for a Toyota Prius winter driving. Why choose them? Keep scrolling to find out if you are looking for good snow tires for your Toyota Prius.

I have written a few different articles on tires for our Prius drivers out there. All of those options are indeed excellent choices. So why would I take the time to pick out one brand of tire individually? Well, let me ask you a question. When you find something that is amazing, do you not tell everyone about it? Exactly.

I did some digging around because people ask me all the time what is the best snow tire for their Prius. I usually have given them the usual standard answers, but this time, I wanted to find the best of the best. Here are my top three reasons why Nokian makes the best snow tires.

Reason One: Tire Research And Development
The Finnish based company started as a rubber company way back in the late 1800s. If you know a thing or two about world Geography, you will know where Finland is. It is a country that is cold and usually has some pretty harsh winters.

nokian winter tire for toyota prius prime

In 1934 Nokian Rubber company finally developed a tire that would work better in the snow and ice. They called it the weather tire. The thing is when you have to live in harsh climates like the Finns, you have to get creative. The new Weather Tire was the world's first tire that initially designed for use on trucks, is now the Hakkapeliitta tire we have today.

Nokian has now made far more "weather tires" and has a wide range of applications to suit many of our needs, especially for Prius Prime and other cars. The fact remains that when faced with a challenge like this, you are bound to solve the problem. The first reason I would trust Nokian over anyone else is knowing where they started. Plus with over 120 years of innovation, I am pretty darn sure they know a thing or two about winter driving.

Over 100 professionals designed the Nokian Hakkapeliitta. That is some serious street cred. Not only that, but Nokian has the world's first retractable studded tires. You should check them out; the technology is pretty mind-blowing. For me, when I think of snow tires for my Prius and my future Prius Prime, Nokian, will be my answer.

Reason Two: Testing Tires and Ensuring Safety
Nokian performs several different layers of testing on their tires to ensure quality. They have a test specifically designed just for the feel allowing people like us Prius drivers to ensure we are getting a good quality ride.

Nokian tires showing the tread

The cold weather driving, indoor testing, and track testing are all other standard procedures that Nokian does to help us as consumers know we are getting a quality product.

I do not know about you, but I sure want a tire that has been tested in more than one way to see that it is going to give me the best of everything. My Prius only gets the best of everything when it needs parts or service. I never skimp, and Nokian tires are for sure on my list this holiday season.

Reason Three: Safety
We all know that safety is important. Nokian takes great pride in doing more for the end-user. On their website, they offer advanced tire safety tips for drivers that may not know how to drive in harsh conditions. Another cool thing that they do is Nokian is very eco-friendly. Now, like a Prius driver, this hits home to me on a couple of levels. I love companies that are concerned about the world in which we live. I am not saying go out a protest, but rather do something more effective, but a wise consumer. Any company that can take a stand and help minimize our footprint on the earth is good by me.

nokian tires with retractable tire studs

The last thing I wanted to touch on here is the Nokian winter driving school they offer. How cool is that?! I hope they read this and ask me to come out and do the course. The thing is, they want safe drivers, and so do I. Safety is a massive deal to them, and it should be to you too. That is why safety gets engineered into all of their tires. They then can sell to us Prius and other car owners peace of mind.

You are entitled to buy whatever you want when it comes to tires. As for my Prius and me, we are going to stick with the company that started it all, offers the best in winter tire options, and will keep us safe. Nokian, thank you for being who you are and watching out for Prius owners. I thank you.

I appreciate your patronage. Thank you for reading. Be sure to check out my other story, 4 great tips on keeping your Toyota Prius resale value high. We will see you in the next story.

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