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4 Great Tips To Keeping Your Toyota Prius Resale Value High

If you are looking to sell your Toyota Prius, these four tips can help you get the most bang for your buck and increase your the resale value of your Prius.

If the sad day ever does come that you want to sell your beloved Prius, tune in. Even though Prius holds incredible resale value, here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of it.

Proper Maintenance Goes A Long Way and Improves Your Prius Resale Value
I have bought and sold dozens of cars over the years. I have also owned several Prius' as well. Any time that I go to sell one of my cars, I always brag about all the maintenance that I have performed on it. Why? People like to know that the vehicle they are buying does not need a ton of work.

Toyota Prius maintenanceI am a car guy, so for me, I do not mind a few things here and there that need attention. When I sell a car to someone, I never want them to worry. That is why it drives me crazy when some car lots sell a vehicle with loads of issues. I am sorry I could never do that to someone.

Another great asset to have in your book of things are service records. People love to know what services are performed and when. Questions like these, I ask every owner that is selling a Prius. It helps me understand what may need attention soon.

The reassurance of knowing that a car you are picking up has had all the routine maintenance feels good. If I had to sum it up in three short words, it would be peace of mind. Peace of mind is something that any car owner deep down desires to have. Knowing that the Prius you are about to sell has been well taken care of can also bring more greenbacks in your pocket.

Mileage, Less Means More
A Prius well kept is a great buy. A Prius well kept with "low" mileage is a steal. Unless you have been incredibly ruthless with keeping every bushing and joint on your Prius perfect, the next best thing is low miles.

Mileage can mean wear and tear, and most people out there do not take all the extra time in worrying about every nut and bolt. Those super owners are out there, but in my experience to get them to part with their car is very costly, or it will not happen.

low miles on the toyota prius can increase resale value

In case you have a low mileage Prius sitting around, know that you can get a pretty penny for it. The more mileage you have, the faster the car depreciates, according to the Department of Transportation.

Keep Your Prius Clean (Inside & Out) To Increase Its Resale Value
Last time I checked, I did not want to drive a car that looked like the city dump or one that came from the wrecking yard. I had bought them before and cleaned them up, but I have also paid about $600 or less for them. My current Prius was this way. Looking back now and for my future Prius, I will, for sure, be choosing one that is clean both inside and out, even if I have to pay a little more for it.

toyota prius prime has great resale value

I have been looking for a new Prius. I have many options, but the ones that catch my eye the most are the immaculate ones. The ones that have pristine paint, no carpet stains, and also smell awesome. Keep it clean, and you can ask more for your Prius when the time comes.

Keeping tires that are in good condition goes a long way, as well. Having a good set of tires helps me know the previous owners at least tried to take care of the basics on the car.

Pick Covered Parking
Keeping your Prius covered and out of the elements can keep it nice. Cleanliness, as I wrote about in the previous segment, makes the car much more attractive and thus increase its resale value.

Sheltered parking also can keep your Prius free from dings and dents, as well. The more excellent the body is, the more attractive the car will be to the potential buyers.

Taking thorough care of your Prius will help ensure that you can get the maximum asking price for it. I would much rather pay thousands more for a well taken care of Prius, than one I have to dump money into month after month constantly.

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