2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Supersonic Red profile view
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You Will Not Believe the Markup Price on This 2021 Toyota RAV4

Brace yourself. Nothing will prepare you for the markup on this 2021 Toyota RAV4.

Market adjustments are common these days on new vehicles. Due to the ongoing vehicle chip shortage and supply chain crisis, new vehicle prices are on the rise.

Dealerships are being shipped less and less new cars, trucks, and SUVs from manufacturers. This means there are drastically less options for people in the market for a new ride.

This is Economics 101: Supply and Demand.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prices

Take a drive by your local car dealerships and you will see for yourself just how serious this vehicle shortage is. Just about all brands have the smallest of inventory available for sale.

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And with supply and demand, regardless of the industry or genre, low supplies generally equate to higher prices.

Higher inventory and availability means lower prices.

Like with Toyota RAV4 and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. And other popular Toyota models.

Just about every year for the last two decades, buyers have had a much easier time choosing their ideal RAV4 Hybrid. Their perfect RAV4.

And they can expect a discount from their dealers. Sometimes a healthy discount.

Not so much this year. Not during an international vehicle shortage and crisis.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Markup

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Supersonic Red front end profile view

Dealers across the nation and the world have the freedom to sell vehicles for prices they deem appropriate.

MSRP equals Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. This means auto manufacturers suggest what a vehicle should be sold for. Most years, dealers discount from these prices.

The advantage goes to the consumers. Usually big time.

Not now, though.

Dealers can also sell their cars and trucks and SUVs for higher prices as well, depending on market conditions.

You will see a lot of this “market adjustment” these days. All across the country.

Astronomical 2021 RAV4 Prime Price

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE window sticker

People who follow my “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel and my Torque News / Toyota News stories have been sending me pictures and details of vehicle markups. I find it fascinating what dealers are selling vehicles for.

But nothing prepared me for the picture someone sent me yesterday. I am still in shock.

A 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE is being sold at one specific Toyota dealership with a $40,000 “Dealer Added Markup.”

I looked up this specific vehicle on the dealership website, and it is a 2021 RAV4 Prime XSE in Supersonic Red. This has been one of the hottest vehicles to find and purchase for the last two years.

Really challenging to find.

But I wonder if this vehicle is worth the $96,442 selling price on the window sticker.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE window sticker markup

Yes, I said $96,442. Friends, this is far higher than a new Land Cruiser sells for. A Land Cruiser.

I am speechless. Maybe you have more words than I do right now.

Time for Your Toyota RAV4 Comments

Have you been in the market for a new car or truck or SUV, and how has your experience been?

Let me know what brand and what model and options you want. How are vehicle inventories where you live?

Special Thanks to Facebook RAV4 club "Toyota RAV4 Club" for the photo.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss fan response to dealer price markups.

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Anybody want to buy my rav 4 prime when I can take delivery of a byd tang.
A "byd tang" What the hell is that?
I got my 2022 premium package xse in blizzard pearl for "only" MSRP + $6000!!
Everyone contact that dealer and show your displeasure with that outrageous pricing. Plus make sure everyone knows to boycott that dealer until they come to their senses.
I understand the shortages but do you deemed this markup to be appropriated? Uncalled for !!! Just got mine and there was not at all a cent markup. There are dealers out there that aren’t and you should be ashamed!
I am very interested in knowing which dealership sold you the XSE at MSRP (or below). Avg NJ Toyota markup on Rav4 Prime between $4.5k - $7k
Name that dealership. They got a lot of nerve tacking on a charge like that. Boycott these clowns.
Let me help you out...It says the name of the dealership ON THE STICKER in the lower left corner ;)
Anybody paying "dealer added markup" is a sucker. Cars depreciate eventually. For the price of this Prime you can buy a Tesla or a Lexus. What fool would pay $96,000 for a Toyota.
Rav4 hybrid is selling like hot cake here in New Zealand. People who bought the Limited hybrid for 53K are selling now for 62K and one dude has listed his for 74K. I think Rav4 is way overrated and if you get into one, it feels way behind the compitition. There are better vehicles with better tech you can buy for that money. Someone needs to introduce 2021 tech to Toyota, but hey that toyota for ya.
My markup at Toyota of Portland was only $2999............but they did throw in a clear front end bra.
Just bought 2021 RAV4 xse hybrid out the door $47,400.00. That was a rip-off. I would say most “Car Sale Person” are heartless…
Why oh why would you spend $47,400 on a Rav4 hybrid? Ouch, you can buy 4 or more. used cars for that price. Gonna be having buyers remorse on that one for awhile I bet...
RAV4 Primes are selling at $4,000 over sticker just about everywhere. It's a plug in hybrid so you get an electric car that also uses gas, if you want. The article is hyperbole and in my view, misleading and poorly researched, and amateurish.
Hi Bob, thanks for commenting on my article. I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I must admit I'm confused by your comment, though. You said "RAV4 Primes are selling at $4,000 over sticker just about everywhere." My article, however, highlighted a dealership that was selling a RAV4 Prime at $40,000 over sticker price. Big difference between $4,000 and $40,000. It is not hyperbole because it was not exaggerated, nor was it meant to be discussed lightly. How is my story misleading and poorly researched and amateurish? If I had to guess, it might seem you either wrote $4,000 wrong, or more likely, you misread my article and the amount of the dealer markup by $36,000. Please research your comment better before you insult me and my work. But I do wish you a great week upcoming. Enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends....Jeff
I too have run into the "market adjustment" sticker. Almost every dealer said it was non-negotiable. Some dealerships are rather smug about it. I cannot way for the day when they are kissing ass to sell a vehicle and I can remind them!
I thought it was outrageous when I bought my 2021 Rav4 Prime XSE in May that most dealers had a 10k markup! I found a dealer that didn't add a markup, that is why I purchases when I did. I absolutely love my car, but wouldn't pay 96k for it!
The dealership I sell cars for is sells all Rav4 Primes for $10k over, regardless of color, trim and optional equipment. Even have a Supersonic Red XSE on its way! If your in Colorado and want one message me.
I was in the market for a new Rav4 or new Sienna minivan. When i saw pricing i started looking at used models. Came to my senses and will continue to drive my 1998 toyota sienna xle minivan with 294500 miles. Any maintenance and/or repairs are less than today’s outrageous car payments!
IMO its good to know which dealers are scum bags to avoid in the future. Write reviews as their reputation is everything. I got my prime at msrp as not all dealers are criminals.
Just leased a Hybrid XSE 3 weeks ago with all the options, including JBL audio, in 2 tone pearl without any discount for about ~$41k. This dealer can shove that one right up their greedy cavernous arses. The "shortage" is real but not that bad.
Went to dealership today. 8,000 markup on 2021 Rav4 XLE
Unfortunately, for most of 2022, we are going to see skyrocketing prices - eventually supply will catch up wit demand but I don’t know if some dealer# will try to hoard supply to keep prices high. In a free capital market, this will backfire on the dealers who try this. The price markups are temporary - we have seen this happen in other markets - I will wait for prices to fall. My care are fully paid off and run well. They are much older models and I don5bplan to change these out soon.
These dealerships are smoking crack…..I just purchased a month ago a 2022 Camry SE and managed to get 900.00 off of MSRP…..I was fortunate to receive that……they are greedy with new car prices and just forget about getting a dollar off of a used car…..and they continue to bug me about trading in my Toyota Corolla 2011 with 70,000 miles……no thanks.
These dealerships are smoking crack…..I just purchased a month ago a 2022 Camry SE and managed to get 900.00 off of MSRP…..I was fortunate to receive that……they are greedy with new car prices and just forget about getting a dollar off of a used car…..and they continue to bug me about trading in my Toyota Corolla 2011 with 70,000 miles……no thanks.
I think we had divine intervention in being able to purchase a 2021 Rav4 XSE for $53,000 and to do it in Ohio! A non- green state. It’s a long story how this happened but IT HAPPENED! Way below that $96,000 sticker vehicle!!
Hopefully people leave negative review of the dealership and local people all take their businesses elsewhere...
Negative reviews? No, the way you vote against this outrageous price-gouging is with your feet and your wallet: buyers need to simply not pay such exorbitant prices and need to use their two feet to WALK away. If we all did this, these dealers would be forced to sell at reasonable prices.
Traded in a 18 Camery. Got top $$ 17k. Bought demo rav4 20 for 23k. All base models. I had searched 2/3 mon. Very satisfied with car and dealership
I purchased a new 2017 Rav4 Limited Hybrid in May of 2017. I paid $33K for it, and was given a 0% APR loan. It now has 42,000 miles on it. I was offered $32,500 for it this morning from a National Car Selling Chain. A straight purchase, not a trade-in. I'm selling it to them tomorrow after i get the title from my safe deposit box. . I was offered 8 grand more than I paid for it for my 2018 TRD off Road Tacoma. The Tacoma will now be my daily driver.