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Why Adding Android Auto to 2020 Toyota RAV4 Makes Compelling Sense

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the best-selling vehicles in the entire country. While it was completely redesigned in 2019, it is still missing the popular Android Auto. Will the 2020 RAV4 include it?

In a world where everything is becoming more and more distracting for drivers, it is essential to provide resources to actually lessen the burden on people when performing basic functions while behind the wheel.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay assist drivers with these functions. I use Apple CarPlay every day in my 2018 Camry and my life has been made very simple while driving because of CarPlay.

The 2020 Toyota models that will feature Android Auto

Up until 2019, one of the main critiques for Toyota vehicles was the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These popular applications make it simple for drivers to make and accept phone calls, to operate navigation functions, to play music, and to send and receive text messages.

Toyota began incorporating Apple CarPlay into many of its models for the 2019 model year, and has announced it will add Android Auto to 4 of its 2020 models thus far.

Receiving Android Auto, along with Apple CarPlay, will be the 2020 Tundra, 2020 Sequoia, 2020 4Runner and 2020 Tacoma.

The 2020 RAV4 makes sense

When the 2019 RAV4 was redesigned, most customers were thrilled with its new sportier styling, improved horsepower, all-new technology and safety features, and a host of other surprises you might not have expected.

Apple CarPlay was one of those features that made iPhone owners thrilled, as it allowed them to bring the world closer to them, with a fraction of the previous distractions they faced while driving.

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Although the addition of Android Auto has not been announced, I feel it would make sense on many levels. This would help establish 2020 RAV4 as a leader in multimedia technology, as well as providing drivers with a safer, more convenient way to stay connected with less distraction.

I spoke with a Toyota representative, and while they said they are aware of the suggestions to add Android Auto, they were not yet able to discuss any news about the 2020 RAV4. We should have an announcement either way within about a month or so I would guess.

Could Toyota retrofit Android Auto for the RAV4?

While not likely to add Android Auto to the previous year 2019 RAV4, Toyota has set a precedent for retrofitting applications to models that did not have them. The 2018 Camry was a highly successful redesign and did not come out with Apple CarPlay, but it was added to the 2019 Camry. Toyota recently released a software update to add the wildly popular CarPlay to both the 2018 Camry and the 2018 Sienna as well.

2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium Interior Apple Carplay

Time for your thoughts on RAV4

If the RAV4 does add Android Auto for the 2020 model year, would Toyota consider retrofitting 2019 already-purchased RAV4 vehicles with this application?

Only time will tell.

Do you own a 2019 RAV4 and do you use Apple CarPlay? How do you like it and what functions do you use it for most? Would you use Android Auto if it was added to the RAV4?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story where I am discussing the biggest 2020 Toyota 4Runner pros and cons.

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We have had our 2019 RAV4 Hybrid about a month and its an amazing vehicle and I just keep finding things that I like about it - except no Android Auto. We were also told that it would get Android Auto as an update late this year. Hopefully that will happen. However here is a work around that is almost as good - purchase a used iPhone (make sure its new enough to get the upcoming iOS 13 update). You can then hot-spot your android phone and connect your iPhone to it. Then you can use the Apple Carplay to get google maps, amazon music, plex, etc on your car screen. This actually works pretty well. The only downside (besides not being android auto) is when CarPlay is connected it will disconnect all Bluetooth devices. Which means you can't use the car audio system for a blue tooth phone call on your Android. That is not a big deal for me - I just use my bluetooth ear piece for calls. Anyway this is holding me over pretty well until Android auto hopefully gets here. To save data I download my google maps route and play lists on my home wifi before leaving. If you do this you don't even have to hot-spot your Android. Hope this helps someone!
I love the RAV4 Hybrid with electric AWD, but lack of Android Auto is a deal-killer for me... please, Toyota, add this feature to ALL your vehicles!
2020 Rav4's will have AA, when someone pins down Toyota if a firmware update will be available, please post.
Was looking to buy a Rav 4 hybrid but not without Android Auto, so I waited till the 2019s came out. Finally bought a 2019 Honda CRV EXL. Thought if Toyota was so arrogant I would go to Honda. The salesmen at Toyota said the lack of Android was killing sales.