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Why You Should Install Wheel Locks on Your 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Learn the benefits of installing wheel locks on your vehicle, including a 2020 Toyota Tacoma, and how to put them on.

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Buying a new car, truck or SUV is usually a big event in a person’s life. This is a time that should be celebrated.

People spend a lot of money on their new investment. For many people buying a new car is the second biggest purchase they will make, behind a new home.

Now imagine how you would feel if you had your new wheels or tires stolen. Totally different emotions, right?

Toyota Tacoma wheel locks

2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Midnight Black double cab profile view how to install wheel locks

I mentioned in the title of the story the benefits of adding wheel locks to a 2020 Toyota Tacoma. I was recently instructed on how to install them on a Tacoma truck, but really this can be applied to any vehicle. A Toyota 4Runner. A Toyota Tundra. A Toyota Camry. Really any other make and model.

Gary Marcano, the Accessories Manager for Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh, NC, told me why people may want wheel locks on their current vehicle.

“People pay a lot of money for wheels and tires. Sometimes thousands of dollars. It’s important to protect your investment and deter theft.” Explained Gary.

“Wheel locks make it much more difficult for your wheels to be stolen. They also give people peace of mind.”

When to install wheel locks

Wheel locks are a smart idea if your ride spends any time parked in a bad neighborhood or an area known for higher crime and vehicle theft.

2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Midnight Black how to install wheel locks

It is also wise if you own a car, truck or SUV that has higher incidences of vehicle theft or vandalism.

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Another reason is if you just spent a lot of money upgrading your wheels and/or tires. No reason to tempt people looking to do bad things.

How to install wheel locks on 2020 Toyota Tacoma

2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Midnight Black how to install wheel locks

Installing wheel locks does take special tools. However, when you have the right equipment it is relatively easy and inexpensive to do.

You will need to purchase a wheel lock kit that contains four locking lug nuts with a wheel lock key. You can find one online anywhere from $20 and up.

VIDEO: Watch a simple demonstration on how to install wheel locks on a 2020 Tacoma.

People who have the right tools and the know-how can do this installation on their own at home. Most dealerships will be happy to install wheel locks on your current vehicle for around $100 or less.

What do you think about wheel locks?

Thanks for reading everyone. Do you have wheel locks on your current cars and trucks and how has your experience been with them?

Do you find they are easy to remove as well as install?

Will you consider installing wheel locks on your vehicle?

See you next story when I tell you 5 things you need to know before buying a 2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.

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Lefty (not verified)    March 5, 2021 - 4:34PM

These types of wheel locks are no good. Can be taken off without the key just as fast as a regular lug nut.
There are only a couple wheel locks that will deter theft (Advanced Wheel Locks, Rimlox). These are a waste of money and false sense of security.