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Why Toyota 4Runner Has Such a Loyal Following These Days

For over 3 decades Toyota 4Runner has been the ideal SUV for both on-road and off-roading. In short, it is extremely popular and has built a very loyal following. Find out what factors make so many people want to own one.


Since 1984 the Toyota 4Runner has been transporting people and their families both on the road and off. First introduced as a compact SUV, the now-midsize SUV sits comfortably as a true body-on-frame workhorse with a cult-like following. To understate things, people absolutely love the 4Runner.

But what gives the 2019 4Runner and previous model years such an intense popularity? We explore some of these key factors and see if we can unravel this mystery.

The Toyota 4Runner is reliable

Owners of the Toyota 4Runner know their vehicle of choice has built a solid reputation for high quality and long-term dependability.

The 4Runner placed number five in a 2019 study by of the longest-lasting vehicles in the United States. It may come as no surprise to learn that 10 Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs placed in the Top 15 spots on this list. This is pretty incredible and is a testament to Toyota reliability. You can count on your Toyota.

Off-Roading Capabilities in the 2019 4Runner

One of my favorite aspects of the 4Runner is its extreme versatility, allowing it to be used, of course, on the road, but also exceling on hidden trails and mountain passes and along river beds. It is one of the most adept off-roading vehicles around.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Nautical Blue Metallic and Barcelona Red Mettalic ColorsPacked with resources to take things off the beaten path, such as multi-terrain select and locking rear differential and crawl control, the 2019 4Runner keeps you in control of your surroundings while driving on virtually any type of terrain.

2019 4Runner Holds its Value

Most of us do not purchase a vehicle with the mindset that we can sell it or trade it for a really high value, although this is certainly a consideration when buying a new car. The Toyota 4Runner is an SUV that holds it value extremely well, and owners can expect to be satisfied with what it can go for down the line. is a trusted source for determining vehicle’s value across all cars, trucks and SUVs. In their 2019 Highest Resale Value study published earlier this year, the 2019 4Runner placed in the Top 5 (it was number 5) across all brands and models for holding its value. Also placing at the top of the list were 2019 Tacoma at number 1 and 2019 Tundra at number 3. What an impressive lineup of Toyotas. The toughest choice might not be to pick a Toyota, but rather which one to pick.

Toyota 4Runner is fun to drive

I find the 4Runner to be a mashup of a lot of different things. It is smooth and comfortable and rides very nicely at top highway cruising speeds.

It is also perfect for taking that next camping trip or pulling boats and trailers and heading to the lake with your family. Toyota 4Runner is primed and more than capable of successfully handling tough obstacles like mud and sand, rocks and dirt, gravel, moguls and even larger rocks.

I appreciate the option available in most of the trim level configurations to choose the 3rd row seating if family size dictates more passenger space. Or you can choose the sliding rear cargo deck, which lets us sit in the back for tailgating or form a work bench table top to do chores outside.

2020 4Runner Coming right around the corner

Buyers are getting excited for the release of the refreshed 2020 Toyota 4Runner. It comes to us with standard Toyota Safety Sense, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, along with larger multimedia touch screens.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Graphite Interior

The 2020 4Runner TRD Pro exclusive color this year is Army Green, which will be replacing the 2019 Voodoo Blue color.

Time for your thoughts

Do you own a Toyota 4Runner and what are the reasons you love yours? Also, how many miles do you have on your 4Runner? Are you looking at the 2020 4Runner or any other Toyota models this year?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you in my next story to get a first look at Army Green 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.

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Rick Raffanti (not verified)    August 29, 2019 - 10:02AM

I own a 2003 Toyo 4Runner Limited 4x4 since new. Has 238k miles and has served me well. This 35k vehicle was a surprising good deal compared to today's T4R. It even has power everything, 110v outlets front & rear and inside the console. I did change stereo to Bluetooth but she remains stock and burnng zero oil. I had to re-upolster the front seats. Solid and still looks great. By far the best investment I've made.

Jason Gray (not verified)    August 29, 2019 - 11:26AM

I've got a 2004 4runner with 253k on it and have only had to do routine maintenance like brakes for its entire life. Running strong and still looks great with no rust.

Rob (not verified)    August 29, 2019 - 10:40PM

You neglect to mention the availability of aftermarket parts for 4Runners/Tacos.

My 2006 4Runner has OME suspension, full stainless skid plates, rock rails, and steel bumper. It's great on the rocks

Paul Brown (not verified)    May 25, 2020 - 7:30AM

I bought my 2007 4Runner Limited new and passed it down to my daughter years ago. It now has 290K and Ive done nothing major to it. I am so impressed with this truck and still feel confident I could drive it across country. They just wont quit.

Dave (not verified)    June 4, 2020 - 9:55AM

66000 miles on my 2016 4runner. I have been religious in following the maintenance schedule. I Needed new tires at 45000 miles otherwise, zero problems.